July 2011

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I post a sampling of the links I like best
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TED Talks - always worth your time
Hans Rosling, an amazing guy
His software on your personal machine...watch the video if you install it
Google public data explorer is very cool with lots of data to explore

Marc Breedlove, where I get many of my neuroscience-related links


  1. A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System - NASA Science
  2. BBC News - Voyagers ride 'magnetic bubbles'
  3. BBC News - Slime mould prefers sedatives, say researchers
  4. BBC News - Kea parrots and New Caledonian crows 'use tools to reach food'
  5. Stereo Blindness Allows Some to See a Masterpiece - NYTimes.com
  6. Why female zebra finches cheat on their partners - life - 13 June 2011 - New Scientist
  7. Functional Electrical Impedance Tomography of Evoked Responses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. BBC News - Images capture moment brain goes unconscious
  9. The Playboy Gene: Promiscuity Can Be Inherited : Discovery News
  10. Human Mutation Rate Slower Than Thought - Science News
  11. Gay: Born this way? - Features, Health & Families - The Independent
  12. Study Debunks Stephen Jay Gould’s Claim of Racism on Morton Skulls - NYTimes.com
  13. ‘The Science of Evil’ Book Review - Six Degrees of Empathy - NYTimes.com
  14. Opossums - A Fast Life and Success That Starts in the Pouch - NYTimes.com
  15. How Old Is Backyard Dirt? - NYTimes.com
  16. BBC News - Neutrino particle 'flips to all flavours'
  17. BBC News - Corot telescope in exoplanet haul
  18. The Behavioral Immune System : Scientific American
  19. Animal rights: Chimpanzee research on trial : Nature News
  20. In Tennessee, Fireflies Are Beacon for Tourists - NYTimes.com
  21. Botox Reduces the Ability to Empathize, Study Says - NYTimes.com
  22. Mind-Controlled - Science News
  23. Some Fights Vanish In Plain Sight - Science News
  24. Difficulty estimating quantity linked to math learning disability, Friday, June 17, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  25. High Wired: Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain?: Scientific American
  26. Beaver invasion creeps north - The Washington Post
  27. U.T. Experiment Grapples With Essence of Gravity - NYTimes.com
  28. BBC News - Iron-Age brewing evidence found in southeastern France
  29. Fact or Fiction: Do Babies Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers?: Scientific American
  30. Japanese Computer Is Ranked Most Powerful - NYTimes.com
  31. Genetics and Crime at Institute of Justice Conference - NYTimes.com
  32. BBC News - Human eye protein senses Earth's magnetism
  33. BBC News - Bats' hairs are 'airspeed sensor'

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  1. BBC News - German tests link bean sprouts to deadly E. coli
  2. New Questions Rise in Cause and Trajectory of Germany E. Coli Outbreak - NYTimes.com
  3. Sprouts, Poster Plant of Health Food, Can Pack Risks - NYTimes.com
  4. Sprouts, Poster Plant of Health Food, Can Pack Risks - NYTimes.com
  5. Formaldehyde Is Added to List of Carcinogens - NYTimes.com
  6. The Body Odd - Too much coffee makes you hear voices, study suggests
  7. E. Coli Fallout - My Salad, My Health - NYTimes.com
  8. Anti-obesity vaccine reduces food consumption in animals | e! Science News
  9. BBC News - Nicotine treatment 'could control obesity'
  10. BBC News - Drug makes hearts repair themselves
  11. Social Media as Epidemiology Tool - NYTimes.com
  12. MASTIO: Dead bodies demand organic food moratorium - Washington Times
  13. Can a Chemical Found in Most Sunscreens Have Toxic Side Effects? - NYTimes.com
  14. Heart With No Beat Offers Hope Of New Lease On Life : 
  15. Patterns - Prenatal Vitamins May Ward Off Autism - NYTimes.com
  16. Patients Marching Through Lives With Parkinson’s - NYTimes.com
  17. Insomnia Cap May Allay Sleeping Blues : Discovery News
  18. Psychopharmacology in crisis : Nature News
  19. New lupus drug gets only mixed reactions from patients, experts - The Washington Post
  20. Better Odds for Medicare Patients in 8 High-Risk Operations - NYTimes.com
  21. BBC News - Surgical research spurned for 'sexy' science projects
  22. Mammograms’ value debated, especially for older women - The Washington Post
  23. New OxyContin Formula Is Said to Curb Abuses - NYTimes.com
  24. Phys Ed: With Warm-Ups, Less May Be More - NYTimes.com
  25. Children on Medicaid Shown to Wait Longer for Care - NYTimes.com
  26. Lead Poisoning in China - The Hidden Scourge - NYTimes.com
  27. Buried by bad decisions : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  28. Chronic ketamine use kills bladder cells - health - 15 June 2011 - New Scientist
  29. Ketamine’s Antidepressant Effect Explained - Science News
  30. 'Magic mushrooms' could help treat addiction - Health - Mental health - msnbc.com
  31. BBC News - Parkinson's artificial brain bank
  32. Chinese medicine offers new Parkinson's treatments - health - 17 June 2011 - New Scientist
  33. Hospitals Performed Needless Double CT Scans, Records Show - NYTimes.com
  34. Chemical Suicides, Popular in Japan, Are Increasing in the U.S. - NYTimes.com
  35. Some Health-Care Consensus, if Only Accidental - NYTimes.com
  36. F.D.A. Panel Endorses an Eye Treatment - NYTimes.com
  37. Veterans’ Reports of Lung Problems Set Off Debate - NYTimes.com
  38. Hospitals courting primary-care doctors - The Washington Post
  39. Allergy Relief Through Dogs and Cats - NYTimes.com
  40. New Hope for Women Who Have Lost Lymph Nodes - NYTimes.com

  1. I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits - NYTimes.com
  2. Actors Wade Into the Fracking Debate - NYTimes.com
  3. Kobo and Barnes & Noble Offer New E-Readers - NYTimes.com
  4. Hollywood Spurs Surge in Computer Science Majors - NYTimes.com
  5. A Firepot, a ‘Safe’ Label, and 2 Horrible Explosions - NYTimes.com
  6. New Video Games at the E3 Convention - NYTimes.com
  7. U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad - NYTimes.com
  8. Plastic Bag Makers Accuse Competitors of Illegal Trash Talk - NYTimes.com
  9. Hashtags, a New Way for Tweets - Cultural Studies - NYTimes.com
  10. Paperless Business Cards - Noticed - NYTimes.com
  11. Why Encrypted Passwords Make a Difference - Digital Domain - NYTimes.com
  12. Batteries Will Save Electricity on a Septa Line - NYTimes.com
  13. Scientists Use Mirrors and Fluorescent Proteins to Make Laser Cell - NYTimes.com
  14. The Associated Press: Senate sidetracks move to repeal ethanol credit
  15. India Aims $1 Billion at Sacred but Filthy Ganges - NYTimes.com
  16. Google Finds Ways to Search Faster and Without Typing - NYTimes.com
  17. White House pushes policies to upgrade nation’s aging electrical network - The Washington Post
  18. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's plant-based bottles still damage the environment. - By Amy Westervelt - Slate Magazine
  19. Improved Conditions for Florida Tomato-Harvest Workers - NYTimes.com
  20. Chromebook From Samsung Has Its Head in the Cloud - NYTimes.com
  21. A Robot That Hopefully Will Never Say, ‘I’ll Be Back’ - Graphic - NYTimes.com
  22. High-Tech Tools for Customer Service - NYTimes.com
  23. SoundCloud, an Audio-Sharing Site, Hits 5 Million Users - NYTimes.com
  24. Exposed: Facebook’s Secret iPhone Photo Sharing App (Which Looks Amazing)
  25. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review: The best Android has to offer - Faster Forward - The Washington Post
  26. Deploying New Tools to Stop the Hackers - NYTimes.com
  27. Amid Texas Drought, High-Stakes Battle Over Water - NYTimes.com
  28. In Japan, Another Nuclear Reactor Tests Nation’s Will - NYTimes.com
  29. BBC News - Europe's ATV space freighter undocks
  30. Lytro’s Camera Lets You Shoot First and Focus Later - NYTimes.com
  31. A Tech Entrepreneur's Plan for Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches - NYTimes.com

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