August 2010

What's News This Month
Science, Medicine and Technology
(a monthly brownbag series)

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  1. A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas
  2. Cracking the Mystery of Mirror Movements
  3. Mammoth Hemoglobin Offers More Clues to Its Arctic Evolution
  4. Symphony of Science - 'The Unbroken Thread
  5. A Crack in the Mirror Neuron Hypothesis of Autism
  6. ScienceShot: Organic Seeds? Not for These Birds
  7. Panic Attacks as a Problem of pH
  8. Cads Of The Savanna
  9. The evolution of emotion: Charles Darwin's little-known psychology experiment
  10. A Pattern of Sibling Risk-Taking in the Major Leagues
  11. Testosterone makes women less trusting
  12. Infections link to bees decline
  13. Scientists Challenge ‘Breakthrough’ on Fossil Skeleton
  14. The Museum of Fabric Brain Art
  15. Michelangelo's secret message in the Sistine Chapel: A juxtaposition of God and the human brain
  16. People with Asperger's less likely to see purpose behind the events in their lives
  17. Hormones Tip Balance in Matters of Trust
  18. Findings - Daring to Discuss Women’s Potential in Science
  19. Hayabusa Japanese asteroid probe aimed toward Earth
  20. Amish Farming Draws Rare Government Scrutiny
  21. Genetic study sheds light on Jewish diaspora
  22. Clever critters: Bonobos that share, brainy bugs and social dogs
  23. In Pictures: Butterfly 'bling'
  24. Japan unfurls Ikaros solar sail in space
  25.  Prehistoric mammal hair found in Cretaceous amber
  26. Bats: White-nose syndrome's widening reach among bats worries biologists
  27. A Taste for Controversy
  28. Bubbles, Bread and Beer 
  29. Studied - College Students Are Found to Have Less Empathy
  30. Experts rediscover plant presumed extinct for 60 years
  31.  Fin to limb evolution clue found
  32. The Anti-Lesbian Drug
  33. If you've got great genes, it pays to be extrovert
  34. DNA Variant May Make Heavy Boozing A Team Sport
  35. Birds and Mammals Have Opposite Sex Systems
  36. Plagiarism Is Not a Big Moral Deal 
  37. Lines on Plagiarism Blur for Students in the Digital Age
  38. 2 of a Kind: Studies Reveal New Insights into the Psychology of Gambling
  39. Debate Over P vs. NP Proof Highlights Web Collaboration
  40. Eye-Trackers Help Scientists Learn How Children Look at the World
  41. The Third Reviewer
  42. Harvard Finds Marc Hauser Guilty of Scientific Misconduct
  43. Observatory - Champagne Better When Poured Like Beer, Study Says
  44. A Conversation With Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods - Why Bonobos Don’t Kill Each Other
  45. Cheer Up, Sleepy Teens! A Later School Day Is Beneficial
  46. Gene switches sexual desires of female mice
  47. Parental care linked to homosexuality
  48. A Scientist Takes On Gravity
  49. For a Proton, a Little Off the Top (or Side) Could Be Big Trouble
  50. DNA Variant May Make Heavy Boozing A Team Sport
  51. Bit of a crybaby? Blame your serotonin level
  52. Adventures in Very Recent Evolution
  53. New Insight Into a Caterpillar’s Crawl
  54. 'Spontaneous generation' of prions observed
  55. Australia's marsupials originated in what is now South America, study says
  56. Birth Of The Beat
  57. More Than A Feeling
  58. Turbines Too Loud? Here, Take $5,000
  59. Sadness Response Strengthens With Age
  60.  The Secret of Life May Be As Simple As What Happens
  61. Between the Sheets--Mica Sheets
  62. Ambidexterity and ADHD: Are They Linked?
  63. Play-acting orang-utans signal their desires
  64. Busy Brains Make for Deeper Sleep
  65. Lucy’s Kin Used Stone Tools and Ate Meat, Scientists Say
  66. In Inquiry at Marc Hauser’s Harvard Lab, a Raid and Then a 3-Year Wait
  67. Inquiry on Harvard Lab Threatens Ripple Effect
  68. Lines on Plagiarism Blur for Students in the Digital Age
  69.  Bacteria can 'smell' their environment, research shows
  70. Debate Over P vs. NP Proof Highlights Web Collaboration
  71. The Third Reviewer
  72. Moon Is Shrinking, but Just a Little
  73. Ovulation Changes Women's Behavior
  74. The Ontology of Plagiarism: Part Two
  75. Harvard Finds Marc Hauser Guilty of Scientific Misconduct
  76. Observatory - Champagne Better When Poured Like Beer, Study Says
  77. Computer blow to Europe's Goce gravity satellite
  78. Bat and moth arms race revealed
  79. Fermi detects gamma-rays from exploding nova
  80. The Brain Observatory - In Memory of H.M.
  81. Humans Wonder, Anybody Home?
  82. Trawling The Brain
  83. Underwater acoustics: The neutrino and the whale
  84. Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing
  85. Why Suffocating Is Scary
  86. Hammerhead shark mystery solved
  87. How our brains learned to read
  88. Why Your Older Brother Didn't Share
  89. Children Can Inherit Mom's Abuse-Altered Brain
  90. Erasing Scary Memories Is a Matter of Timing
  91. Better Nanotubes May Be on the Way
  92. Dark Matter Discovered? Don't Bet on It
  93. Bones Show Early Divergence of Dinosaur Lineage
  94. Snail Called Kimberella May Not Be Oldest Fossil
  95. 5 States Seek to Close Possible Carp Route
  96. Females Use Multiple Mating and Genetically Loaded Sperm Competition to Target Compatible Genes
  97. Bacteria Are Gobbling Gulf Oil
  98. Brain abnormality may be to blame for anti-social teenagers 
  99. Alien Gases in Our Atmosphere
  100. Frog cells give artificial nose the power of super smell 
  101. Observations: Plucked hairs can keep track of circadian rhythms
  102. Alzheimer's study: Nuns donate their brains to science
  103. Books on Science - ‘Delusions of Gender’ Peels Away Popular Theories 
  104. Why it's OK for birds to be gay
  105. Size Matters in Canine Smarts 

  1. Smoking may increase risk for MS
  2. First U.S. 'Cancer Vaccine' Approved
  3. Doubt Is Cast on Many Reports of Food Allergies
  4. A growing body of evidence links exercise and mental acuity
  5.  9/11 link to rise in male foetal death rate, study says
  6. Really? - Throat Exercises Can Relieve Sleep Apnea
  7. OCD? Your Immune System Could Be to Blame
  8. Healing by 2-Way Video - The Rise of Telemedicine
  9. How Acupuncture Pierces Chronic Pain
  10. Cold Sores May Contribute to Schizophrenia Symptoms
  11. Seeking an Objective Test for Attention Disorder
  12. Binge drinking rots teen brains
  13. Sex hormone implicated in eating disorder onset
  14. Scientists See Progress on Lung Cancer and Melanoma
  15. Antipsychotic deflates the brain
  16. Gut bacteria may contribute to autism
  17.  Being short 'raises heart risk'
  18. Asthma risk 'linked to burgers'
  19. Genetic Map of Autism Comes Into Focus
  20.  Babies born early--even by a week--are more likely to have special education needs
  21. Doctor and Patient - An Important Vaccine Few Patients Are Getting
  22. A Decade Later, Human Genome Project Yields Few New Cure
  23. White rice 'raises diabetes risk', say US experts
  24. Windscreen water infection risk
  25. Lung cancer risk 'cut by B vitamin'
  26. The Vanishing Mind - Promise Seen for Detection of Alzheimer’s
  27. Really? - The Claim - A Craving for Ice Is a Sign of Anemia
  28. Can we eat to starve cancer? [VIDEO]
  29. Whether a Child Lights Up, or Chows Down
  30. Low vitamin D levels 'linked to Parkinson's disease'
  31. Exercise may be best to fight Alzheimer's
  32. How vitamins E, D may help the brain 
  33. Drug Trials Test Bold Plan to Slow Alzheimer’s 
  34.  Ecstasy 'may help trauma victims'
  35. Health - Kids with autism early fussy eaters: study
  36. A speech screen for autism? 
  37. Potential Found in a New Approach to Alzheimer’s 
  38. Serotonin cell discoveries mean rethink of depression
  39. 'Cut down on meat to lose weight'
  40. N.F.L. Toughens Warning On Risks of Head Injury
  41. Following a Script to Escape a Nightmare 
  42. Urban Air Pollutants Can Damage IQs Before Baby's First Breath
  43. Education 'helps brain compensate for dementia changes'
  44. Addiction drugs may boost weight loss
  45. Relatives of Those with Autism Show Eye-Movement Deficits
  46. News Analysis - In Push to Detect Early Alzheimer’s Markers, Hopes for Prevention 
  47. Obesity Rates Keep Rising, Troubling Health Officials 
  48. Two New Paths to the Dream - Regeneration 
  49. Violent Dreams May Predict Illness In Advance
  50. Psychiatric drug response predicted by scientists
  51. Researchers identify gene related to chronic pain
  52. Study Uses Ketamine in Worst Cases of Bipolar Disorder 
  53. Ovulation hormones make women 'choose clingy clothes'
  54. Rare Sharing of Data Led to Results on Alzheimer’s 
  55. Brain disease could affect more people, research finds
  56. Medical treatment carries possible side effect of limiting homosexuality
  57. Immune genes 'key in Parkinson's disease'
  58. Woman's diabetes disappears after surgery
  59. Did concussions play role in Lou Gehrig's disease?
  60. Less Sleep Linked to Blues in Teens: Scientific American
  61. Junk DNA Can Revive and Cause Disease, Study Finds 
  62. The Brain: What Happens to a Linebacker's Neurons? 
  63. Discovery opens door to therapeutic development for FSH muscular dystrophy
  64. Teen Hearing Loss Rate Worsens
  65. Psychedelic Drugs Show Promise as Anti-Depressants
  66. Universities turn to Wii Fit as way of examining concussions
  67. ADHD Linked to Pesticide Exposure
  68. Collection of Cancerous Brains Helps Show Neurosurgery’s Rise
  69. Antipsychotic drug 'stroke risk'
  70. Cancer spread 'happens earlier'
  71.  Gene therapy may restore hearing
  72. Toddler cancer spotted via e-mail
  73. Listeria fear after Canada deaths
  74. A-beta On The Brain
  75. Boy has shoulder made from elbow
  76. Farm pregnancy 'cuts asthma risk'
  77. Court: US can block mad cow testing 
  78. Brain dysfunction tied to fibromyalgia 
  79. Study links bipolar disorder with older fathers 
  80. Essay - Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate? Wrong
  81. Brain chemistry winter blues link
  82. Brain Power - New Techniques in Brain Surgery Mix Hope With Risk - Series
  83. Women who Want to Want
  84. Study finds early intervention improves, but does not cure, autism 
  85. The world looks different if you're depressed
  86. Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers'
  87. Can you be blamed for sleepwalking crimes?
  88. Brain Power - New Techniques in Brain Surgery Mix Hope With Risk 
  89. Multiple sclerosis 'blood blockage theory' tested
  90. N.F.L. to Shift in Its Handling of Concussions
  91. Obesity gene discovery 'may cut cases blamed on abuse'
  92. Depression Medication May Offer Mood Lift Via Personality Shift
  93. Treating Agony With Ecstasy 
  94. Gene Variant Might Guard Against Alzheimer's, Other Dementia 
  95. Access : Neuroscience: The most vulnerable brains
  96. Report suggests morphine may ease stress disorder 
  97. Alzheimer's disease 'could be detected by eye test'
  98. Ambidextrous children 'more likely to be hyperactive'
  99. Journal Retracts Flawed Study Linking MMR Vaccine And Autism 
  100. Star students, beware bipolar disorder 
  101. Observations: Low serotonin levels may prompt mysterious sudden infant death syndrome
  102. Morbidly obese 'may have missing genes'
  103. Is there Anybody in There? 
  104. Illicit drug use among baby boomers is on the rise, as are long-term health concerns
  105. Study Links Ages of Both Parents to the Risk of Autism
  106. Researchers Discover First Genes for Stuttering
  107. Jennifer LaRue Huget - Autism and diet: Many questions to digest
  108. Brain blood vessels clue to MS
  109. Hormone offers new hope in autism research
  110. 'Malaria and weak bones' may have killed Tutankhamun
  111. Acupuncture could help period pain, researchers say
  112. Prior stress could worsen premenstrual symptoms, NIH study finds,
  113. U.S. Forgoes Salmonella Vaccine for Egg Safety 
  114. YouTube - Penn and Teller on Vaccinations
  115. U.S. Forgoes Salmonella Vaccine for Egg Safety 
  116. Studying Acupuncture, One Needle Prick at a Time
  117. Really? - Do Darker-Colored Cats Cause More Allergies?
  118. Global Update - Rice Student’s Microscope Shows Promise in Tuberculosis
  119. The Four-Herb Chinese Medicine PHY906 Reduces Chemotherapy-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity 
  120. A Glutamate Pathway to Faster-Acting Antidepressants?
  121. Attractive Therapy: Magnetic Brain Stimulation Gaining Favor as Treatment for Depression

  1. 1 out of 5 textbooks digital by 2014
  2. Catalyst Brings Cheap Hydrogen Fuel Closer to Reality 
  3. 2 hidden ways to get more from your Gmail address 
  4. The Kno, a Tablet for the College Market 
  5. From the Desk of David Pogue - AT and T’s Capped Data Plan Could Save You Money
  6. Even With a Cleanup, Spilled Oil Stays With Us 
  7.  Invigilation technology allows exams be taken anywhere
  8. Laser pointers 'pose danger to eyes'
  9. A Tablet to Let Students Replace Notebooks and Textbooks - Gadgetwise Blog
  10. State of the Art - Gotta Sing, Gotta Play - Apps to Put You in the Mix
  11. BBC News - EU biofuels 'need to be certified for sustainability'
  12. A Call to Triple U.S. Spending on Energy Research
  13. The oil blowout will mean more subsidies for the ethanol industry. That's bad news for consumers
  14. Google's New OS Will Offer Remote Desktop Capabilities 
  15. Playing Virtual Tennis With Real Rackets - Gadgetwise Blog 
  16. One Laptop per Child updates design for older pupils
  17. Putting a Private Detective in Your Laptop 
  18. Water CO2 calculator for UK homes goes online
  19. Greentech - Recipe for Green Tires - Plants, Not Petroleum 
  20. Smarter Than You Think - Computers Make Strides in Recognizing Speech
  21. Google Kills Wave, Its Collaboration Tool 
  22. New Android O.S. and Features 
  23. China to Build State-Run Search Engine 
  24. India Warns It May Block BlackBerry Traffic 
  25. State of the Art - Call It ‘Creating Apps for Dummies’ 
  26. Web Photo Geotags Can Reveal More Than You Wish
  27. App Smart - Help for Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planners 
  28. Tip of the Week: Getting Rid of Duplicate Songs - Gadgetwise Blog 
  29. As E-Books Gain, Barnes and Noble Tries to Stay Ahead
  30. WePay Wants to Simplify Group Payments 
  31. Android Beefs Up Hands-Free Commands 
  32. Editorial - The Google/Verizon Payment Plan
  33. Judges Divided Over Growing GPS Surveillance
  34. Fujifilm Debuts 3-D Camera Among the Dinosaurs 
  35. A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana 
  36. Lyric Semiconductor Develops a Probability Chip
  37. Shopkick App Pushes Bargains, Aisle by Aisle
  38. Hulu Is Seen as Readying to Go Public 
  39. Google’s Chrome Web Store Likely Coming in October, Focusing Heavily on Games 
  40. Toshiba Claims Hard-Drive Breakthrough
  41. Technology Aids Restoration of Whaling Ship Morgan 
  42. App Smart - Poetry in the Age of Technology 
  43. State of the Art - OpenDNS Simplifies Life for Web Users 
  44. Three Reasons to Switch to Flock 
  45. A College Student Reviews a Smartpen
  46. Replacing a Pile of Textbooks With an iPad 
  47. Location Sites Experiment to Attract Mainstream Users
  48. The Gates Path to an Energy Revolution 
  49. Technology Leads More Park Visitors Into Trouble 
  50. Can Geoengineering Halt Sea-Level Rise? 
  51. A Video Show From Google Highlights Hot Topics
  52. New Uses for an Old Plug 
  53. State of the Art - New Kindle Leaves Rivals Farther Behind
  54. Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites 
  55. Location Sites Experiment to Attract Mainstream Users 
  56. Oracle Takes Open-Source Software Fight to Google 
  57. Drilling Down - Hinting That It’s Good to Be Bad 
  58. Turning Smartphones Into E-Readers