August 2009

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September 25th - 11:30am
DeNaples, 405


  1. For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics 
  2. NASA Narrows Options for Post-Shuttle Future 
  3. Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action | Video on
  4. The perennial Mars hoax e-mail
  5. Large Hadron Collider Struggles, Adding to the Mysteries of Life 
  6. Even Tiny Organisms Can Stir Up an Ocean
  7. Research Undermines Dog Domestication Theory
  8. Apollo 11 - Mission to the Moon - Interactive Feature - 
  9. Particle Collider Will Operate, but at Half Power 
  10. Fertility Rise for Richest - Boon or Trouble? 
  11. Birds' Light Meter Discovered 
  12. People 'get happier as they age'
  13. Whale Stranding: Sonar or Lunar?
  14. Scanning Technique Reveals Fossils in 3D
  15. Galaxy SMASH!
  16. Extinction hits 'whole families'
  17. Finding Clues to National Well-Being in Songs and Blogs 
  18. Losing your mind? The answer is in the mirror
  19. 'Taste test' for Neanderthal DNA
  20. Pitcher plants In Pictures
  21. Reviving the Lost Art of Naming the World
  22. Reducing the Lead Levels in the White House Garden
  23. Facial expressions 'not global'
  24. Blue tits embrace 'aromatherapy'
  25. Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'
  26. Gene Mutation Tied to Needing Less Sleep
  27. US probe captures Saturn equinox
  28. Your answers to 10 tricky children's questions
  29. Ocean Temperatures Are Highest on Record
  30. To Microsoft, Basic Research Is Good Insurance 
  31. It's true: all the taken men are best 
  32. DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show 
  33. Mobile data show friend networks
  34. Fascinating leaf creation found
  35. Monkeys booze because of genes
  36. The Long and Short of It 
  37. Square Circle Spiral  
  38. How a flying fox keeps his harem
  39. Bird brains prove to be very sexy 
  40. Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom 
  41. Major insights into evolution of life reported by UCLA molecular biologist 
  42. Scientists and Engineers Learn Skills to Give Them an Edge at Work 
  43. The Origin of Hatred
  44. Deep Sea Worms Release Glow-Bombs When Disturbed
  45. Bizarre newt uses ribs as weapons  
  46. Bizarre-looking bat's strong bite  
  47. Snorkel Genes Help Deepwater Rice Survive
  48. Females 'distrust flashy males'
  49.  Females 'distrust flashy males'
  50. The Brain: The Dark Matter of the Human Brain
  51. Nostril Rivalry 
  52. U.S. Must Rethink Policies on Water Supply
  53. 'Jet-boost' aids walking lobsters
  54. Fifth of honeybees died in winter
  55. Australians 'need more seasons'
  56. Edinburgh, East and Fife | Ancient dial solves time riddle
  57. Upwards lightning caught on film

Medicine  Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. Swine flu vaccine 'by September'
  2. Divorce, It Seems, Can Make You Ill
  3. Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep
  4. Studies Question Using Cement for Spine Injuries
  5. Mildly High Cholesterol at Midlife Linked to Alzheimer’s
  6. Psychologists Reject Gay ‘Therapy’ - 
  7. Quick Tests for Swine Flu Are Found Wrong Often 
  8. Garlic for a Healthy Heart? Go Fresh, Study Says
  9. Scientists Decode HIV Genome 
  10. Pneumonic Plague: Should We Worry?
  11. The Pain of Being a Redhead - Well Blog 
  12. Hispanics Who Move to U.S. Face Higher Cancer Rates
  13. Cancer gene complexity revealed
  14. Beetroot juice 'boosts stamina'
  15. Bill Clinton, drugmakers announce cheaper HIV drugs | Reuters
  16. Psychopaths have faulty brain connections, scientists find 
  17. Finally, the Spleen Gets Some Respect
  18. Equation 'to spot small placenta'
  19. 'I just wanted to help my friend'
  20. Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Risk for Some
  21. Optimistic women live for longer
  22. Drink blamed for oral cancer rise
  23. Edinburgh, East and Fife | Face shape clue to mental decline
  24. Urine test 'predicts' best drugs
  25. Do redheads really feel more pain?
  26. Brain radiotherapy affects mind
  27. Uncovering the Secrets of Ulcer-causing Bacteria
  28. Edinburgh, East and Fife | Cannabis may prevent osteoporosis
  29. A small shot of vaccination sanity
  30. Many women 'not on safest pill'
  31. Australian man wins bid to die
  32. Healthcare around the world
  33. The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease - 
  34. Child leukaemia 'genes' revealed
  35. Vital Signs - Prevention - Diet and Exercise Lower Alzheimer’s Risk
  36. Tests Begin on Drugs That May Slow Aging
  37. Doctors Still Talk About ‘The House of God’ Novel
  38. What Really Killed Mozart? Maybe Strep
  39. 'Magnetic' stem cells for hearts
  40. Ouch! Gene makes some prone to pain, snubs
  41. Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop 
  42. Coroners 'reject plea over vCJD'
  43. Elderly Athletes, Drugs for Health and Now Questions About Them 
  44. Study Weighs Risks of Vaccine for Cervical Cancer
  45. New York State Requires Flu Shot for Health Care Workers
  46.  'Green' vaccine for vomiting bug
  47. Mercury Found in Every Fish Tested, Scientists Say
  48. Candle use linked to cancer risk
  49. Study Backs Heroin to Treat Addiction
  50. Mainstream scaremongering over Gardasil
  51. WHO warns against homeopathy use
  52. Where’s the Rulebook for Sex Verification?
  53. GlaxoSmithKline used ghostwriting to promote Paxil
  54. Debating Just How Much Atrazine Is Safe in Your Water Glass
  55. At Fairs, Pigs Get Extra Protection for Fear They’ll Get the Flu
  56. No Side Effects So Far in Trial of Swine Flu Shot 
  57. Skin Deep - Rub On, Spray On, or No Tan at All?
  58. Complaint Over Doctor Who Published Rorschach Images
  59. Marriage 'cancer survival impact'
  60. Encephalitis kills 200 in India 
  61. Shisha 'as harmful as cigarettes'
  62. Blood treatment 'shortens hospital stays'


  1. Google Buys Web Video Software Firm
  2. Google’s Android Jumps to the Living Room 
  3. Squeaky Brakes? Log On to the Web - Bits Blog
  4. State of the Art - Amazon’s E-Book Rival, Barnes and Noble, a Paper Tiger, for Now
  5. Making Eyeglasses With a Mechanically Adjustable Focus
  6. Scientists Use Curvy DNA to Build Molecular Parts
  7. New See-All Eyeglasses: A Consumer’s Report
  8. Microsoft’s SharePoint Thrives in the Recession
  9. Professor Main Target of Assault on Twitter 
  10. As Classrooms Go Digital, Textbooks May Become History
  11. For Families Today, Technology Is Morning’s First Priority 
  12. UK food research 'needs a boost'
  13. Wi-Fi Standard Is on the Fast Track 
  14. eBay to start selling new GM cars
  15. G.M. Puts Volt’s Mileage in City in Triple Digits 
  16. App of the Week: A Google Map for Stargazers
  17. This website will self-destruct...
  18. Netscape Founder Backs New Browser 
  19. Anti-terror gun stops boats dead
  20. Microsoft backs long life for IE6
  21. DNA 'organises itself' on silicon
  22. Video gamers 'older than thought'
  23. Twitter tweets are 40% 'babble'
  24. Want to Green Your Music Collection? Go Digital
  25. Capturing the Computer Screen in Full-Motion Video
  26. Why Your PC May Be Your Best TV 
  27. Google, the Search That Satisfies
  28. Bing Keeps Rising - Bits Blog 
  29. Looking Back at Google’s I.P.O. Five Years Ago 
  30. Apple Probes iPhone Explosion Reports
  31. Calling Home for Even Less
  32. Snorkel rice could feed millions
  33. The problem with PowerPoint
  34. Cameras That End the Low-Light Nightmare
  35. Toyota Holds Back in the Race to Go Electric
  36. Drilling Ordeals Said to Delay Geothermal Project
  37. Plastics break down fast in ocean
  38. A Better Way to Manage Receipts for Business Travel
  39. How Google can knock the iPhone from its perch.
  40. Microsoft previews new controller
  41. Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off
  42. The enlightenment's operating system
  43. Solar cell phones take off in developing nations 
  44. Mexico City bans stores from distributing plastic bags
  45. Will Apple Approve Rhapsody’s Music Application?
  46. Arrest Over Trading Software Illuminates a Wall St. Secret
  47. A Farm on Every Floor

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