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  1. Mentalizing Deficits Constrain Belief in a Personal God
  2. For Taller Sand Castles, the Secret Is Less Water 
  3. New Fossils Indicate Offshoots in Human Family Tree
  4. It Pays to Stay Up All Night
  5. New Species Discovered, Thanks to Flickr 
  6. Quantum Teleportation Achieved over Record Distances 
  7. Climate Change May Shift Composition of U.S. Bird Species 
  8. Behind Nuclear Breach, a Nun’s Bold Fervor
  9. Tree's leaves genetically different from its roots  
  10. How Did Insect Metamorphosis Evolve?
  11. The Biological Response to Beauty and Ugliness in Art
  12. Kenyan Fossils Rekindle Debate over Early Human Diversity
  13. Vast volcanic 'raft' found in Pacific, near New Zealand
  14. Curiosity rover made near-perfect landing
  15. For Birds Whose Odor Conveys Fear, No Tweets Necessary
  16. Mars Looks Quite Familiar, if Only on the Surface 
  17. Exploratorium to Reopen on San Francisco Bay in 2013 
  18. Young cricket characters shaped by 'song'
  19. Neanderthal breeding idea doubted
  20.  Giant Burmese python caught in Florida
  21. Generation Gaps Suggest Ancient Human-Ape Split 
  22. Prosthetic retina helps to restore sight in mice
  23. Some Schools Adopting Longer Years to Improve Learning
  24. Missouri 'Right to Pray' Law Could Limit Teaching Evolution 
  25. Keeping It in the Family
  26. Phoenix in the Grip of Unrelenting Heat
  27. Hermit crabs 'work to safety building codes'
  28. Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover seen in new satellite image
  29. Scientists do the wet-dog shake
  30. Independent labs to verify high-profile papers 
  31. American Atheists: 1 in 20 Americans say they are atheists
  32. System could warn of solar storms
  33. Galaxy cluster's 'starburst' surprises astronomers
  34. The Health of the Oceans in a Single Number 
  35. Amino acid provides shortcut to drugs
  36. Brain's Drain: Neuroscientists Discover Cranial Cleansing System 
  37. Birdsong Not Music, After All
  38. Brain Evidence Sways Sentencing in Study of Judges 
  39. U.S. National Academy Report Sweet on Sugars 
  40. DNA: The Ultimate Hard Drive
  41. Sun Slimmer Than Expected
  42.  Fish welfare to get hi-tech boost with automatic alerts
  43. Nasa's Curiosity rover prepares to zap Martian rocks
  44. What's in a Name?
  45. First evidence for photosynthesis in insects  
  46. DNA Data Storage
  47. The Mind of a Flip-Flopper
  48. Scientists dispel 'Miserable Monday' myth
  49. Nasa's Curiosity rover zaps Mars rock called Coronation
  50. Fruit flies learn to spot eligible females by smell
  51. On Our Radar: Making Clouds From Saltwater 
  52. Dueling Earwigs Find Advantage in Asymmetrical Forceps
  53. Trogloraptor, Spider With Long Claws, Is Found in Oregon  
  54. Arctic sea ice set to hit record low
  55. Nanoparticle 'risk' to food crops
  56. Melting Greenland Growing Darker 
  57. Starving but Happy 
  58. NASA to Probe the Interior of Mars  
  59. Quack medicine in the military: Acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion are endangering troops.
  60. Binge-drinking students happier than others, study finds  
  61. Bugs sunbathe to 'stay healthy'
  62. Star is caught devouring planet
  63. Centrosomes Get Their Close-Up  
  64. Republican spending plan casts shadow on science 
  65. Curiosity Mars rover takes first drive
  66. Simon Says Don't Use Flashcards 
  67. Helium-huffing gibbons 'sing with soprano technique'
  68. Why Cell Phone Bans Don't Work  
  69. In-law infighting boosted evolution of menopause 
  70. Himalayan glacier data shift to the middle ground 
  71. Head Start: Early Learning Could Compensate for Cognitive Deterioration 
  72. Absent fathers: Political leaders like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Paul Ryan often develop coping mechanisms in childhood that may make them effective leaders. 
  73. A Turkish origin for Indo-European languages
  74. Computational social science: Making the links 
  75. New NASA Video Captures Drama of Mars Landing 
  76. Basic Research Burns Bright in Romney Energy Plan
  77. Video: Why Insect Wings Don't Fracture
  78. Your Brain Can Be Hacked
  79. Forensic test can predict hair and eye colour from DNA
  80. Robot learns to recognise itself in mirror
  81. Zoos and Aquariums Struggle With Ways to Discuss Climate Change
  82. How to learn in your sleep
  83. Rover shoots movie during descent

  1. U.S. Moves to Address Agent Orange Contamination in Vietnam 
  2. Doctor and Patient: The Bullying Culture of Medical School 
  3. Prescription Skin Creams Jump in Price 
  4. Columbia Program Merges Therapy and Spirituality
  5. A Swine Flu Virus Takes Off in Children at Midwestern Fairs But Makes Little Headway 
  6. Seizure detector treats epilepsy in rats
  7. Guns, Butter and Then Some
  8. Report Cites New Hampshire Hospital in Hepatitis C Outbreak
  9. Changing Bodies but Not Personalities
  10. Cancer research: Open ambition
  11. Aurora shooting: How to prevent men like James Holmes from striking again
  12. International travel 'makes athletes ill'
  13. Anti-HIV drug Truvada backed for all high-risk adults
  14. Deep sea 'solution' to superbugs
  15. In Ill Doctor, a Surprise Reflection of Who Picks Assisted Suicide 
  16. Ambiguity in Health Law Could Make Family Coverage Too Costly  
  17. Study Links Healthy Weight in Children With Tough Snack Laws  
  18. Snap Judgment: Ultrafast Camera Renews Promise of Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection
  19. Ecology of Disease: Why bacteria, worms, and nature are good for you.  
  20. Iron Deficiency and Iron Overload
  21. Binge Eating Among Men Steps Out of the Shadows 
  22. Ad Council Campaign Helps Children Brush Teeth for 2 Minutes 
  23. CT Scans More Likely for White Children
  24. Exercising in midlife protects heart, says research
  25. Why Do Women Get More Migraines?
  26. NIH Defends Grant to Sanctioned Psychiatrist
  27. Is Climate Change Making Temperatures Too Hot for High School Football?
  28. Sleep apnea, evolution, and breathing masks: an excerpt from David K. Randall’s Dreamland
  29. Faking insanity: Forensic psychologists detect signs of malingering. 
  30. HCA, Giant Hospital Chain, Creates a Windfall for Private Equity
  31. Australia cigarette plain packaging law upheld by court
  32. Dark chocolate 'may lower blood pressure'
  33. Blood group 'linked to heart disease'
  34. Commercial ebola vaccine 'unlikely' say researchers
  35. Common Lab Dye Found to Interrupt Formation of Huntington's Disease Proteins
  36. Bill Gates' Foundation Puts Money on Solar-Powered Toilet: Scientific American
  37. U.S. Swine Flu Outbreak Spikes
  38. Blood pressure drugs for mild hypertension: Not proven to prevent heart attacks, strokes, or early death
  39. Obesity study puts Mississippi on top, Colorado has the lowest rate.
  40. Johnson & - Johnson to Remove Questionable Chemicals in Products 
  41. Warning Issued on Codeine for Children  
  42. Walnuts 'improve sperm health'
  43. 'The Pill' for Men Is Closer to Reality 
  44. West Nile Hits Hard Around Dallas, With Fear of Its Spread  
  45. Zebra virus kills polar bear in German zoo
  46. E. coli strain linked to cancer in mice
  47. U.S. Watchdog Agency Backs Basis for Tightening Rules on Coal Dust Exposure 
  48. CDC Recommends Hepatitis C Testing for All Baby Boomers  
  49. Mexico chalks up success in health-care reforms 
  50. Salmonella Outbreak in 20 States Kills 2 and Sickens 141 
  51. Do Argentines Need Therapy? Pull Up a Couch  
  52. The Power Plate - A Space Age Relic Inspires a New Form of Exercise 
  53. Coming Next - Doctors Prescribing Apps to Patients  
  54. Todd Akin Provokes Ire With ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment  
  55. Cereal bars: Healthy image a myth - Which?
  56. Hantavirus in Yosemite: What animals cause the most disease? 
  57. How Well You Sleep May Hinge on Race  
  58. Chickenpox Down 80 Percent Since 2000  
  59. Heart-Attack Test Rules Out False Alarms  
  60. Medical Radiation Soars, With Risks Often Overlooked 
  61. Obesity 'bad for brain' by hastening cognitive decline
  62. Robots to aid high dependency care at Daisy Hill Hospital
  63. Echinacea remedy not for children under 12, says MHRA
  64. Vitamin D supplements given to kids who are deficient halved the incidence of common colds. 
  65. Rationing Health Care More Fairly  
  66. Cardiologist Warns on St. Jude Heart Device  
  67. Spouses of heart attack survivors 'suffer too'
  68.  Cats Don't Cause Cancer 
  69. Stem Cell Trial for Autism Launches in U.S. 
  70. Common Insecticide May Harm Boys' Brains More Than Girls' 
  71. Could Antibiotics Be A Factor In Childhood Obesity?
  72. West Nile Outbreak Shaping Up as Worst Ever in U.S., Authorities Say  
  73. Cholera Sweeps West African Slums 
  74. Weight-Loss Surgery May Prevent Diabetes  
  75. 'Genomic CSI' Helps Contain a Killer 
  76. Questions and Answers on West Nile Virus 
  77. A Slimy Insight Into Treating Cancer  
  78. The Widespread Problem of Doctor Burnout 
  79. Ohio Shooting Raises Questions About ‘Mercy Killings’  
  80. Bristol-Myers Ends Work on Hepatitis C Drug  
  81. Dietitians Pay Off for Supermarkets  
  82. In Dallas, Precautions Amid Fears of West Nile Virus  
  83. Tobacco Groups Win Ruling on Graphic Cigarette Warnings
  84. Gallstone risk 'higher among obese teenagers'
  85. NIH superbug outbreak highlights lack of new antibiotics
  86. With Rise of Gene Sequencing, Ethical Puzzles  
  87. Sensors for Brain Injuries May Help Future Athletes  
  88. Glimmer of a Silver Lining in Latest Alzheimer's Trial 
  89. As More Restaurants Cut Salt, Others Pass 
  90. 'Clot nets' help stroke recovery
  91. Underwater wheelchair put to test ahead of Paralympics
  92. Pediatricians Decide Boys Are Better Off Circumcised Than Not  

  1. Free online tool helps identify bat calls
  2. Starbucks and Square to Team Up
  3. Craigslist's Challenger Could Be an App, or Several
  4. Mat Honan: The four things you need to do right now to avoid getting hacked.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees? Oven temperature is uncontrollable, and we should stop trying to micromanage it.
  6. Drones and iPad Apps May Help in Power Failures
  7. Simplest Bike Commuting Infrastructure: The Shower
  8. Black Hat: Iris scanners 'can be tricked' by hackers
  9. Google Goes Back to the Drawing Board for Nexus Q
  10. New Google Tools to Make the Search Engine More All-Knowing
  11. Apps That Offer a Lift During Downtime
  12. Demand for water outstrips supply
  13. Turbine to Harness the Tides to Generate Power
  14. Incentive to Slow Climate Change Drives Output of Harmful Gases
  15. The Secret to Solar Power
  16. The Campaign to Digitize Your Wallet Is Intensifying
  17., an E-Mail Service With Lots of Smarts
  18. How to Make Your Lost Phone Findable
  19. A Mobile App for Analysts and Students of the Economy
  20. Google Chrome Grabs 1/3 Of Global Browser Market
  21. 'Smart Fingertips' Pave Way for Virtual Sensations
  22. Rapeseed biodiesel fails sustainability test
  23. Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table
  24. Farmers Deplete Fossil Water in World’s Breadbaskets
  25. How Best to Pay for Your House of Worship
  26. How to Overcome the "Yuck Factor" to Extend Water Supplies
  27. Migrating geese avoid offshore wind farms, says study
  28. London 2012: Olympic Games 'greenest ever'
  29. How Music Can Improve Worker Productivity
  30. A Rugged Speaker for the Outdoors
  31. Blizzard hack attack hits millions
  32. Spider web glass protects birds on the Holy Island
  33. Pentagon helps build Meshworm reconnaissance robot
  34. Mitt Romney Wikipedia entry locked down
  35. Robotics Companies Look to Near Future
  36. Google to push pirate sites down search results
  37. Tiny transmitters that cost a penny to print unveiled
  38. Texting competition prize defended by US champion
  39. Colour printing reaches its ultimate resolution
  40. Superfund Efforts to Clean Waterways Come With a Risk
  41. Google Plans to Buy Frommer's Travel Guides
  42. Elusive FinSpy Spyware Pops Up in 10 Countries
  43. WaveRider hypersonic jet targets Mach 6
  44. Google autocomplete interactive map of state stereotypes: the fat, boring, and racist states of America
  45. In Silicon Valley, Finding the Next Big Thing in the Ordinary
  46. Coal Mine Plan Shakes Up Kentucky Camp
  47. Branch, a Group Conversation Site, Publicly Branches Out
  48. Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?
  49. Ride-on giant robot 'Stompy' hits funding target
  50. Can University of Texas Dispel Concerns About Fracking Study?
  51. Samsung’s Rival for the iPad Loads on the Features
  52. Mexico Reports Success Saving Butterfly Habitat
  53. Major Retailers Plan Mobile Payments Effort
  54. Ins and Outs of Publishing Your Book via the Web
  55.  'Maser' source of microwave beams comes out of the cold
  56. Hypersonic jet Waverider fails Mach 6 test
  57. Camouflage bendy robot changes colour for disguise
  58. How to Line a Thermonuclear Reactor
  59. A 20-Year Low in U.S. Carbon Emissions
  60. Merchants and Shoppers Sour on Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon
  61. Finding the Best-Fitting Bra With Technology’s Help
  62. Shamoon virus targets energy sector infrastructure
  63. Backupify: Yes, you should back up your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Here’s how to do it.
  64. New Wave of Deft Robots Is Changing Global Industry
  65. The Watchmen’s Misdirected Gaze
  66. 'Double' Turns the iPad Into a Telepresence Robot
  67.  Asia's fastest data cable links Tokyo to Singapore
  68. Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch
  69.  'Solid smoke' material aerogel gets added strength
  70. New U.S. Institute Hopes to Put Its Stamp on Additive Manufacturing
  71. ScienceShot: How to Eat an Oil Spill
  72. Four-fingered robot can replace flashlight batteries
  73. Food Waste from Starbucks Turned into Useful Products
  74. Appeals Court Blocks E.P.A. Rule on Cross-State Pollution
  75. A Test of Smart Cars Gets Under Way
  76. Mars rover: Wind sensor damaged on Nasa's Curiosity
  77. Nikon releases Android-powered compact camera
  78. Glasses-free 3D cinemas technology under development
  79. Hasidic Jews and the Internet: a bad combination?
  80. An Inuit Village, Too Remote for Cars, Gets Street View
  81. To Sketch, to Draw, to Create, With No Pencil in Sight
  82. Wild rice gene gives yield boost
  83.  Uranium from seawater idea boosted with shrimp shells
  84.  'Talking cars' tested in Michigan to cut road accidents
  85.  LG releases 'world's biggest' ultra-definition TV
  86. Forensic investigation needs more science
  87. Things to Consider When Buying a Monitor
  88. Q&A: Saving Laptop Battery Power
  89. Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case
  90. Kodak set to quit camera film and photo paper business
  91. New Computer Memory Material Goes Easy on the Juice
  92. Mark Stadnyk Challenges a Sweeping Revision in Patent Law
  93. In Canada, the Impact of America's New Patent Law Is Seen