April 2012

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  1. ScienceShot: Robot Records Fish Farts - ScienceNOW
  2. Emmy Noether, the Most Significant Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of - NYTimes.com
  3. The Trouble With Neutrinos That Outpaced Einstein’s Theory - NYTimes.com
  4. Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia Marks 200 Years - NYTimes.com
  5. Noise Pollution Is Changing Forests - NYTimes.com
  6. BBC News - Avalanche research aids search for tastier ice cream
  7. DNA Sequencing, Without the Fuss - ScienceNOW
  8. Findings Cast Doubt on Moon Origins - ScienceNOW
  9. Visions For All - Science News
  10. The Black Queen Hypothesis: A new evolutionary theory
  11. Evidence for Flowing Water on Mars Grows Stronger: Scientific American
  12. The evolution of the human face | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine
  13. New Scientist TV: Top three mysteries of human evolution
  14. People with 'bigger brains have more friends' - Telegraph
  15. NASA probe offers new view of Mercury: an alien world right in our back yard - The Washington Post
  16. Emmy Noether, the Most Significant Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of - NYTimes.com
  17. Hungry mothers give birth to more daughters : Nature News & Comment
  18. ScienceShot: The Ideal Fish Shape? You're Looking at It - ScienceNOW
  19. Meet the Dolphin Mafia - ScienceNOW
  20. BBC News - Super-Earths 'in the billions'
  21. BBC News - Farming needs 'climate-smart' revolution, says report
  22. How to Use Light to Control the Brain: Scientific American
  23. Coastal California Fog Carries Toxic Mercury, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
  24. New U.S. Research Will Aim at Flood of Digital Data - NYTimes.com
  25. Bizarre Insights From Big Data - NYTimes.com
  26. Brain nerves line up neatly : Nature News & Comment
  27. Ratio rethink will adjust rock clocks : Nature News & Comment
  28. ‘Titanoboa - Monster Snake’ on Smithsonian Channel - NYTimes.com
  29. BBC News - Survey gets a grip on dark energy
  30. The secret life of plankton | Video on TED.com
  31. Clothes and Self-Perception - NYTimes.com
  32. iBrain, a Device That Can Read Thoughts - NYTimes.com
  33. ScienceShot: Flashed by a Duck - ScienceNOW
  34. Infectious Selflessness: How an Ant Colony Becomes a Social Immune System: Scientific American
  35. Stickleback genomes reveal path of evolution : Nature News & Comment
  36. Dinosaur Dig in China Turns Up Largest Known Feathered Animal - NYTimes.com
  37. Book Review: Social Conquest of Earth - WSJ.com
  38. High in Chilean Desert, a Huge Astronomy Project - NYTimes.com
  39. Chytrid Fungus in Frogs Threatens Amphibian Extinction - NYTimes.com
  40. Magnetic storms spotted on Venus : Nature News & Comment
  41. BBC News - Graphene windows' clearer focus
  42. Brain imaging: fMRI 2.0 : Nature News & Comment
  43. Land Bridge Caused Wild Temperature Swings - ScienceNOW
  44. Can You Predict a Monkey’s Social Status by Looking at Its Genes? | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  45. M.I.T.’s John Durant, a Cheerleader for Science - NYTimes.com
  46. Top Soccer Players Are Seen to Have Superior Brain Function - NYTimes.com
  47. Tennessee ‘monkey bill’ becomes law : Nature News & Comment
  48. Giant telescope may get two homes : Nature News & Comment
  49. BBC News - White-nose syndrome in bats continues to spread
  50. Silly Putty for Potholes - ScienceNOW
  51. Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals: Scientific American
  52. Baboons can learn to recognize words : Nature News & Comment
  53. At the Blue School, Kindergarten Curriculum Includes Neurology - NYTimes.com
  54. Infant galaxy offers tantalyzing peek at early Universe : Nature News & Comment
  55. Crowd-Sourcing Brain Research Leads to Breakthrough - NYTimes.com
  56. Homegrown labware made with 3D printer : Nature News & Comment
  57. Memory Foraging: When the Brain Behaves Like a Bee: Scientific American
  58. Pseudoscience and Tennessee’s Classrooms - NYTimes.com
  59. Unhappiness Is in the Eye of the Beholder - ScienceNOW
  60. Drugged Honeybees Do the Time Warp - ScienceNOW
  61. Hierarchy of Color Naming Matches the Limits of Our Vision System: Scientific American
  62. Birds of Kaena Point, Hawaii, Enjoy a Revival Thanks to a Fence - NYTimes.com
  63. Really? Traffic Accidents Are More Frequent on Tax Day - NYTimes.com
  64. Birds of Kaena Point, Hawaii, Enjoy a Revival Thanks to a Fence - NYTimes.com
  65. National-Academies.org | Newsroom
  66. BBC News - 'Extreme Universe' puzzle deepens
  67. BBC News - Electron 'split-personality' seen in new quasi-particle
  68. ScienceShot: Jupiter, Born Too Late? - ScienceNOW
  69. Polar Bears Did Not Descend From Brown Bears, DNA Study Indicates - NYTimes.com
  70. Hyrax Songs Have Orderly Syntax, Researchers Say - NYTimes.com
  71. BBC News - Evolution seen in 'synthetic DNA'
  72. Light Bends by Itself - ScienceNOW
  73. BFF?: Cell Phone Study Shows Evolving Lifetime Relationships in Men and Women: Scientific American
  74. Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals | Video on TED.com
  75. Discovery’s ‘Frozen Planet’ Is Silent on Causes of Climate Change - NYTimes.com
  76. Science in court: Arrested development : Nature News & Comment
  77. ScienceShot: No Letup in World's Warming - ScienceNOW
  78. The Rue Age: Older Adults Disengage from Regrets, Young People Fixate on Them: Scientific American

  1. BBC News - Chocolate 'may help keep people slim'
  2. One Drug to Shrink All Tumors - ScienceNOW
  3. The Ballooning Brain: Defective Genes May Explain Uncontrolled Brain Growth in Autism: Scientific American
  4. To Combat Diabetes, Weight Loss Surgery Works Better Than Medicine, Studies Find - NYTimes.com
  5. Putting Babies to Bed Safely - NYTimes.com
  6. A.D.H.D. Challenges Those Seeking a Driver’s License - NYTimes.com
  7. BBC News - Top up on sunshine and vitamin D, says charity
  8. Really? The Claim: Ulcers Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes - NYTimes.com
  9. BBC News - Gene flaw linked to serious flu risk
  10. Fatty Diet Leads To Fat-loving Brain Cells - Science News
  11. Working Out in Intense Temperatures - NYTimes.com
  12. Beauty Products for Babies - NYTimes.com
  13. BBC News - Cancer: 'Book of knowledge' published
  14. BBC News - Kidney cancers: Major rise 'linked to obesity'
  15. BBC News - Synthetic drug fentanyl causes overdose boom in Estonia
  16. Rate of Autism Diagnoses Has Climbed, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
  17. Puberty Before Age 10 - A New ‘Normal’? - NYTimes.com
  18. Moving towards a universal flu vaccine : Nature News & Comment
  19. Rethinking the Value of Pets - NYTimes.com
  20. Biking and Sexual Health in Women - NYTimes.com
  21. US opts not to ban BPA in canned foods : Nature News & Comment
  22. BBC News - Gene clue to post-traumatic stress disorder risk
  23. BBC News - Cheap device 'reduces premature births'
  24. BBC News - US obesity 'higher than thought'
  25. BBC News - Breast cancer screens leads to 'unnecessary treatment'
  26. BBC News - Top scientist quits anti-doping body over 'muzzling'
  27. A Reality Check for Personal Genomes - ScienceNOW
  28. Routine Mammograms Lead to Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  29. Doctor Panels Urge Fewer Routine Tests - NYTimes.com
  30. Phys Ed: Meet the Active Couch Potato - NYTimes.com
  31. BBC News - Metal-on-metal hips cancer fears allayed
  32. BBC Nature - Nature's weirdest mating practices
  33. New Drug Shows Promise for Advanced Lymphoma - ScienceNOW
  34. Outbreak, the Game - ScienceNOW
  35. In India, a Small Pill, With Positive Side Effects - NYTimes.com
  36. Genome analysis homes in on malaria-drug resistance : Nature News & Comment
  37. Scientists Link Rare Gene Mutations to Heightened Risk of Autism - NYTimes.com
  38. BBC News - Women's height linked to ovarian cancer
  39. BBC News - Resistance spread 'compromising' fight against malaria
  40. Arsenic in Our Chicken? - NYTimes.com
  41. Cut the Appendix Surgery–Antibiotics are Effective for Uncomplicated Appendicitis | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  42. U.S. FDA Approves Possible Alzheimer's Test - ScienceInsider
  43. Bugs That Transmit 'Silent Killer' Are Biting More in U.S.: Scientific American
  44. E.P.A. Denies Request to Ban 2,4-D, a Popular Weed Killer - NYTimes.com
  45. No Seizure Risk From Measles Vaccine in Older Children - NYTimes.com
  46. Thoughts That Didn't Make it to Air Last Weekend - NYTimes.com
  47. Giving Patients Choices in Colon Cancer Screening - NYTimes.com
  48. NIH Unperturbed by New Way of Peering Into Personal Genomic Data - ScienceInsider
  49. BBC News - Warmth 'gives babies pain relief' during vaccination
  50. Antibiotics for Livestock Will Require Prescription, F.D.A. Says - NYTimes.com
  51. In Small Sample, E. Coli Found in 48% of Chicken in Stores - NYTimes.com
  52. Fish Oil Supplements for Heart Health? - NYTimes.com
  53. Cave Bacteria Finding Suggests Ancient Origins of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  54. BBC News - Huntington's disease 'lowers' cancer risk
  55. BBC News - Shift workers 'risking' Type 2 diabetes and obesity
  56. BBC - Future - Health - Microbiome: How bugs may be crucial to your health
  57. Studying States of Consciousness - NYTimes.com
  58. Delivery of subunit influenza vaccine to skin with microneedles improves immunogenicity and long-lived protection : Scientific Reports : Nature Publishing Group
  59. Study links dental X-rays to brain tumor risk - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  60. Pre-Med’s New Priorities - Heart and Soul and Social Science - NYTimes.com
  61. Test Links Strains of Common Parasite to Severe Illness in US Newborns | Neuroscience News
  62. BBC News - Walking could be a useful tool in treating depression
  63. BBC News - 'Chin jobs' head cosmetic-surgery list in US
  64. BBC News - New prostate cancer treatment may reduce side-effects
  65. College Students Opening Up Conversations About Sex - NYTimes.com
  66. Phys Ed: Does Exercise Make You Overeat? - NYTimes.com
  67. In Blur of A.D.H.D., Sleep Troubles May Be a Culprit - NYTimes.com
  68. BBC News - Being an optimist 'may protect against heart problems'
  69. Food Deserts and Obesity Role Challenged - NYTimes.com
  70. Ready for My Video Chat Close-Up - NYTimes.com
  71. Restoration of vision after transplantation of photoreceptors : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  72. Regenerative medicine repairs mice from top to toe : Nature News & Comment
  73. Depression in Teens Could Be Diagnosed with Blood Test: Scientific American
  74. Crime and punishment: Neurobiological roots of modern justice
  75. In Russia, Spate of Teenage Suicides Causes Alarm - NYTimes.com
  76. Drug Collaboration Lags on Hepatitis Treatment - NYTimes.com
  77. Measles Cases Rose in 2011 - NYTimes.com
  78. Veterans Affairs Dept. to Increase Mental Health Staffing - NYTimes.com
  79. Has NIH Finalized Design for Children's Study? - ScienceInsider
  80. Nanomaterials offer hope for cerebral palsy : Nature News & Comment
  81. Gum disease doesn’t cause heart disease, paper says - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  82. Omega-3 fatty acids don’t help with MS, study finds - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  83. Atul Gawande: How do we heal medicine? | Video on TED.com
  84. How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain - NYTimes.com
  85. Wisconsin - Planned Parenthood Halts Some Abortions - NYTimes.com
  86. BBC News - Breast surgeons back withdrawal of 'lunchtime boob job' jab
  87. Computer game effective in treating adolescent depression - Health - CBC News
  88. BBC News - Miniature honeycomb 'grows nerve'
  89. Computer game effective in treating adolescent depression - Health - CBC News
  1. Factual’s Gil Elbaz Wants to Gather the Data Universe - NYTimes.com  
  2. James Cameron’s Submarine Trip to Challenger Deep - NYTimes.com
  3. Disruptions: At Amazon, the Robot World Comes a Little Closer - NYTimes.com
  4. BBC - Newsbeat - Tumblr to ban self-harm and eating disorder blogs
  5. Earthquake tests 25 years of Mexican engineering : Nature News & Comment
  6. Female dummy makes her mark on male-dominated crash tests - The Washington Post
  7. Retailers Rush to Adjust to Price-Smart Shoppers - NYTimes.com
  8. Pink Slime, Deconstructed | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
  9. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Says He Has Located Apollo 11 Rocket Engines Lost at Sea | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  10. BBC News - Europe's ATV freighter docks at space station
  11. BBC News - Google planning online store to sell tablets
  12. Girls Around Me: An App Takes Creepy to a New Level - NYTimes.com
  13. Fossil Free: Microbe Helps Convert Solar Power to Liquid Fuel: Scientific American
  14. BBC News - Smart fabric for new soldier uniform
  15. Obama’s Technology Innovation: How the president can use the intellectual property his campaign is creating. - Slate Magazine
  16. Android Version of Instagram Gets 2,000 Signups a Minute - NYTimes.com
  17. BBC News - Self-sculpting sand robots are under development at MIT
  18. The Pink Menace - NYTimes.com
  19. Google Offers Look at Internet-Connected Glasses - NYTimes.com
  20. Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games’ - NYTimes.com
  21. Widespread Virus Proves Macs Are No Longer Safe From Hackers - NYTimes.com
  22. BBC News - Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter
  23. BBC News - Draw Something is 'fastest growing' mobile game
  24. BBC News - NY Auto Show: World's first 'sky-worthy' car
  25. BBC News - Warning over medical implant attacks
  26. Google Doodle’s Galloping Steed Commemorates Pioneering Photographer Edward Muybridge | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  27. National Database Planned to Combat Cellphone Theft - NYTimes.com
  28. BBC News - US space companies prepare for space station docking
  29. Energy Boom in U.S. Upends Expectations - NYTimes.com
  30. Home Energy Monitors Keep Track of Energy Use - NYTimes.com
  31. Reviewing the Next Issue App, a Buffet of Magazines - State of the Art - NYTimes.com
  32. First universal quantum network prototype links two separate labs : Nature News & Comment
  33. BBC News - US tops global clean energy investment rankings
  34. The Bacon Sundae: Brilliant Or Tragic? : The Salt : NPR
  35. BBC News - Wind farms 'not major bird mincers'
  36. BBC News - Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon
  37. BBC News - Apple releases tool to combat Flashback malware
  38. How Green Are Electric Cars? Depends on Where You Plug In - NYTimes.com
  39. Prado Researcher Finds Insights Beneath Copy of Mona Lisa - NYTimes.com
  40. BBC News - SpaceX's Dragon ship set for station visit
  41. Google Drive Launching Next Week - Details Inside
  42. Rapid Construction Techniques Transform Infrastructure Repair - NYTimes.com
  43. Carriers Warn of Crisis in Mobile Spectrum - NYTimes.com
  44. E.P.A. Caps Emissions at Gas and Oil Wells - NYTimes.com
  45. Coursera Plans to Announce University Partners for Online Classes - NYTimes.com
  46. Online Cloud Services Rely on Coal and Nuclear Power, Report Says - NYTimes.com
  47. BBC News - Barclaycard unveils mini, stick-on credit card
  48. Shorted Circuits: Pentagon Looks to DNA from Plants to Foil Electronic Component Counterfeiters: Scientific American
  49. BBC News - Penveu smart 'whiteboard' pen on test in US schools
  50. Smithsonian Welcomes Discovery to Space Collection - NYTimes.com
  51. India Struggles to Dig Up Enough Fuel to Power Growth - NYTimes.com
  52. Landslide Peril Near Chinese Reservoir Grows, Official Says - NYTimes.com
  53. Ambitious Photo Tools That Avoid Making You Feel Dumb - NYTimes.com
  54. BBC News - 'Huge' water resource exists under Africa
  55. Kibbutz in Israeli Desert Turns to Solar Power - NYTimes.com
  56. BBC News - Nasa sets challenges for citizen scientists
  57. A Ban on Some Seafood Has Fishermen Fuming - NYTimes.com
  58. A Push to Make Motors With Fewer Rare Earths - NYTimes.com
  59. Effects of Climate Change Seen for Corn Prices - NYTimes.com
  60. Robo-Readers Used to Grade Test Essays - NYTimes.com
  61. BBC News - Hi-tech car aid for older drivers
  62. BBC News - Intel's Ivy Bridge chips launch using '3D transistors'