April 2011

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April 26th - 11:30am
Brennan Hall, 205


  1. Romantic Rejection May Hurt Just Like Physical Pain - US News and World Report
  2. Researchers study how babies think - The Boston Globe
  3. Evolution of cognition might be down to brain chemistry - life - 28 March 2011 - New Scientist
  4. Larger Female Hyenas Produce More Offspring - US News and World Report
  5. Great-grandpa’s Genes Gone, Effects Stay - Science News
  6. Viral babbling baby video: is it real conversation? - Daily Dose - Boston.com
  7. BBC - Earth News - Bright sexy birds are poor fliers
  8. BBC - Earth News - Pigeons: dark feathers reveal secret to healthy birds
  9. Designers Make Data Much Easier to Digest - NYTimes.com
  10. NASA’s Messenger Spacecraft Brings Mercury Into Focus - NYTimes.com
  11. Tiarajudens Eccentricus - Plant-Eating Therapsid Had Fearsome Fangs - NYTimes.com
  12. Worm May Offer Clues to Longevity in Humans - NYTimes.com
  13. The Curious Case of the Elm Trees Unlike Any Other - NYTimes.com
  14. Multitude of Species Face Climate Threat - NYTimes.com
  15. Wolf Crosses the Ice to Transform Isle Royale Pack - NYTimes.com
  16. BBC News - China 'to overtake US on science' in two years
  17. Slideshow: Killer Whales Devise Lethal Splash to Catch Seals - ScienceNOW
  18. FermiLab Physicists May Have Found New Particle - NYTimes.com
  19. White House Promises Veto of Anti-E.P.A. Bill - NYTimes.com
  20. Louse Family Tree Illuminates Cretaceous Evolution - NYTimes.com
  21. Wired to chill? Brains of peaceful apes differ from those of aggressive chimps. - The Washington Post
  22. Sweet Potato Whitefly on the Evolutionary Fast Track - NYTimes.com
  23. How 'Radiolab' Is Transforming the Airwaves - NYTimes.com
  24. Fat But Happy? Why Cheetos, French Fries Lower Stress - - TIME Healthland
  25. Shocking Experiment Shows Talk Is Cheap - Science News
  26. Does Your Brain Bleed Red, White, and Blue? - ScienceNOW
  27. Genetic Roots Of 'orchid' Children - Science News
  28. Insomniac Cavefish May Hold Clues to Human Sleep Disorders | Wired Science | Wired.com
  29. Interactive Quiz: Trolley Problems, Omission Bias and the Morality of Killing | Need to Know
  30. From Ancient Trees, Finding New Life to Save Earth - NYTimes.com
  31. Book Review - SuperCooperators - By Martin A. Nowak - NYTimes.com
  32. Dependent on Prescription Drugs, Even Before Birth - NYTimes.com
  33. Formerly Blind Children Shed Light on a Centuries-Old Puzzle - ScienceNOW
  34. Long-Necked Sauropods Scarfed Down Fast-Food Feasts - NYTimes.com
  35. Taking a Second Look at Penguins’ Decline - NYTimes.com
  36. How Distractions Cause 'Senior Moments' - ScienceNOW
  37. Ocean Noise Could Harm Squid and Their Ilk - ScienceNOW
  38. BBC - Earth News - Chimpanzees 'catch' contagious yawns from friends
  39. BBC News - Longer life expectancy 'puts people off religion'
  40. Trick Shot Doc | Arts and Life | SlateV
  41. Frozen remains help explain the life and eventual extinction of the woolly mammoth - The Washington Post
  42. Cisco Shuts Down Flip, Its Video Camera Unit - NYTimes.com
  43. Hormone Helps You Sniff Out Food, Study Finds - US News and World Report
  44. Neuroscience: Brain buzz : Nature News
  45. Are languages shaped by culture or cognition? : Nature News
  46. Hear my chewin': how jawbones evolved into ear bones - life - 13 April 2011 - New Scientist
  47. Languages Grew From a Seed in Africa, a Study Says - NYTimes.com
  48. Scientists Search for Dark Matter - NYTimes.com
  49. Warblers Develop Defenses Against Cuckoo Finches’ Impostor Eggs - NYTimes.com
  50. Gone Fishing, Orangutan-style - Science News
  51. Short Sharp Science: World's first human brain map unveiled
  52. The Body Odd - Why watching 'The Office' makes us cringe
  53. Natural Born Dancers: Birds Bob to Beats But Monkeys Are Mixed Up | Animal Intelligence | 
  54. To Tug the Heartstrings, Music Must First Tickle the Brain - NYTimes.com
  55. Currents Carry Humpback Whales’ Songs Across the Pacific - NYTimes.com
  56. Some Dinosaurs Were Nocturnal, Eye Bones Show - NYTimes.com
  57. Size doesn't always matter for peacocks : Nature News
  58. Font Size May Not Aid Learning, but Its Style Can, Researchers Find - NYTimes.com
  59. Evolution of Language Takes Unexpected Turn | Wired Science | Wired.com
  60. New Lessons to Pave a Road to Safety - NYTimes.com
  61. Calorie Burn Continues After Workout, Researchers Find - NYTimes.com
  62. Flies On Meth Burn Through Sugar - Science News
  63. Attractive Men Have Long... Ring Fingers : Discovery News
  64. The Neuroscience of the Gut: Scientific American
  65. Babies' Developing Brains Fed By Placenta, Not Mom : NPR
  66. Cosmic Log - Righties ruled 600,000 years ago
  67. Gut Bacteria Divide People Into 3 Types, Scientists Report - NYTimes.com
  68. BBC News - Ozone hole has dried Australia, scientists find
  69. BBC - Earth News - Chimpanzees give birth 'like humans'
  70. BBC News - Early birds catch bees not worms
  71. BBC News - Mother's diet during pregnancy alters baby's DNA
  72. Embattled Harvard professor barred from teaching - Boston.com
  73. Tennessee 'Critical Thinking' Education Bill Dead in the Water—For Now - ScienceInsider
  74. Pluto's Expanding Atmosphere Confounds Researchers - ScienceNOW
  75. Four Individuals Caught in 'Death Trap' May Shed Light on Human Ancestors - ScienceNOW
  76. Does Your Brain Bleed Red, White, and Blue? - ScienceNOW
  77. Language May Have Helped Early Humans Spread Out of Africa - ScienceNOW
  78. Where morality lives - The Boston Globe
  79. Why Some Gorillas Go Unseen - Science News
  80. Examining Breed-Related Causes of Death for Dogs - NYTimes.com
  81. The Psychology of Cheating - NYTimes.com
  82. A Better Way to Teach Math - NYTimes.com
  83. ScienceShot: Cave Formations Reveal Dramatic Growth of Northern Alps - ScienceNOW
  84. Alien World's Fast Orbit Creates Shock Waves - ScienceNOW
  85. Maybe Just Drunk Enough to Remember - NYTimes.com
  86. Reptiles Eat With Bones We Hear With, Fossil Proves - NYTimes.com

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  1. BBC News - Antibiotics have 'little effect' on cough and phlegm
  2. Damping Down Fear With Cortisol - ScienceNOW
  3. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Affect Older Generation Too - NYTimes.com
  4. A Century Later, Jury’s Still Out on Caffeine Limits - NYTimes.com
  5. BBC News - Sleep hormone melatonin in Alzheimer's treatment study
  6. ‘The Panic Virus’ Review - Seth Mnookin on Vaccines and Autism - NYTimes.com
  7. Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome - health - 01 April 2011 - New Scientist
  8. Disparities - Illness More Prevalent Among Older Gay Adults - NYTimes.com
  9. Antisocial teens brains differ: study - Health - CBC News
  10. Herbal Alternative May Be Safer Than Skin-Whitening Creams - NYTimes.com
  11. Cardiac Consultants Seem to Help Biotronik Device’s Sales - NYTimes.com
  12. Arizona Seeks to Levy Fines for Health Risks - NYTimes.com
  13. Health Care Myth Busters: Is There a High Degree of Scientific Certainty in Modern Medicine?: Scientific American
  14. Alzheimer’s Studies Find New Genetic Links - NYTimes.com
  15. BBC News - Autistic brains "organised differently" say scientists
  16. ‘The Panic Virus’ Review - Seth Mnookin on Vaccines and Autism - NYTimes.com
  17. Gateway Disorder?: Kids with ADHD Show Higher Risk for Later Substance Abuse Problems: Scientific American
  18. Senate Passes Change to Health Law - NYTimes.com
  19. Can You Get Sunburned Through a Car Window? - NYTimes.com
  20. Abortion Opponents Use Health Law to Limit Private Coverage - NYTimes.com
  21. India - ‘Superbug’ Gene Found in Environment - NYTimes.com
  22. Sugar Fuels Growth Of Insulin-making Cells - Science News
  23. Meditators Can Concentrate The Hurt Away - Science News
  24. Boosted heat shock proteins may fight Alzheimer's - health - 10 April 2011 - New Scientist
  25. A Closer Look: A gray area over food dyes and hyperactivity - latimes.com
  26. Tonsillectomies Are Fitted for a New Century - NYTimes.com
  27. Popular drug for mild Alzheimer's largely a flop - Health - Alzheimer's Disease - msnbc.com
  28. Makers of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Prepare New Varieties - NYTimes.com
  29. BBC News - Brain scans fuel hope of early Alzheimer's detection
  30. Recall of Axxent Breast Device Is Given New Urgency - NYTimes.com
  31. Drug Errors on the Rise - NYTimes.com
  32. Makers of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Prepare New Varieties - NYTimes.com
  33. Women with high male hormone levels face sport ban : Nature News
  34. How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? - NYTimes.com
  35. Teens drive better with more sleep: study - Health - CBC News
  36. National: Breaking National News & Headlines - The Washington Post
  37. Stem cells were God’s will, says first recipient of treatment - The Washington Post
  38. How antidepressants boost growth of new brain cells - health - 17 April 2011 - New Scientist
  39. Treating Other Conditions May Stave Off Alzheimer’s, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
  40. Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? - NYTimes.com
  41. What’s the Best Exercise? - NYTimes.com
  42. Tips to Protect Yourself From Arsenic Poisoning - NYTimes.com
  43. Will Sleeping on Your Side Reduce Snoring? - NYTimes.com
  44. Swearing 'can lessen pain' - Science, News - The Independent
  45. Awkward Teenagers and Sports Injuries - NYTimes.com
  46. Snoring and Sleep - NYTimes.com
  47. Young Mothers Have Worse Health Habits - NYTimes.com
  48. Calcium intake, higher heart risks are linked in study - The Washington Post
  49. Pesticides Tied To Lower IQ In Children - Science News
  50. The Crash and Burn of an Autism Guru - NYTimes.com
  51. Administration Wants Tighter Painkiller Rules - NYTimes.com
  52. BBC News - Cancer breath test 'step closer'
  53. BBC News - GM mosquitoes offer malaria hope
  54. BBC News - Kings Fund: Waiting times in England at three-year high
  55. BBC News - Virus and low sunlight 'raises multiple sclerosis risk'
  56. BBC News - TeloVac pancreatic cancer vaccine trial launched in UK
  57. Why Skinny Moms Sometimes Produce Fat Children - ScienceNOW
  58. BBC News - Cry-baby 'link to behavioural problems'
  59. A Family Doctor Looks to Retire, but Finds No One to Take Over - NYTimes.com


  1. BBC News - Curry powder molecule 'is cheap sensor for explosives'
  2. BBC - Newsbeat - MySpace loses millions of users in a few weeks
  3. New Version of Madden 12 Called a ‘Teaching Tool’ on Concussion - NYTimes.com
  4. Erasing Individual’s Digital Past - NYTimes.com
  5. The Onion Uses HTML5 in New iPad App - NYTimes.com
  6. In-Car Cameras Protect Teenage Drivers, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
  7. Ruling Spurs Effort to Form Digital Public Library - NYTimes.com
  8. BBC News - Air France Rio crash dead 'to be recovered'
  9. Wealthy Turn to Social Media for Investment Help - NYTimes.com
  10. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - The Masters - Review - NYTimes.com
  11. Food Prices Stir Concern About Biofuels Mandates - NYTimes.com
  12. G.E. to Build Largest U.S. Solar Panel Factory - NYTimes.com
  13. The Holy Grail - Small Cameras With Big Sensors - State of the Art - NYTimes.com
  14. The Long and Wireless Road to a Home Router - NYTimes.com
  15. The Scooba Robot Also Mesmerizes Children - NYTimes.com
  16. Aurasma Enhances Search With Images and Videos - NYTimes.com
  17. Minamisoma Mayor’s YouTube Plea Gets Big Response - NYTimes.com
  18. HTC's Thunderbolt Is as Fast as Lightning - NYTimes.com
  19. In Time for the Season, an Updated At Bat 11 - NYTimes.com
  20. Toshiba and American Engineers Plan to Take Apart Reactors - NYTimes.com
  21. Pennsylvania Calls for More Water Tests - NYTimes.com
  22. Google privacy: The good things that happen when Web companies use our personal data. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
  23. Google Is Cleared to Buy ITA, a Travel Firm - NYTimes.com
  24. New Telescopes and Apps Can Help You Name That Star - NYTimes.com
  25. How to Clean a Lens the Right Way - NYTimes.com
  26. Acer Enters the Tablet Market - NYTimes.com
  27. Japan Crisis Intensifies Doubts on Turning Plutonium Into Mox Fuel - NYTimes.com
  28. Smaller Studios, for the Smaller Screen - NYTimes.com
  29. 3-D Avatars Could Put You in Two Places at Once - NYTimes.com
  30. Adobe Goes After Tablets in Software Update - NYTimes.com
  31. What Is Google Getting at With Chrome OS for Tablets? - NYTimes.com
  32. The 'Wave' of the (Car Engine) Future? - NYTimes.com
  33. How "Inadmissible" Brain Scans Can Still Influence the Courts: Scientific American
  34. High Costs Linked to Gaps Around Air-Conditioners - NYTimes.com
  35. Authors Sign eBooks Electronically - NYTimes.com
  36. Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer? - NYTimes.com
  37. A BlackBerry Tablet, but Where Are the Apps?- David Pogue - NYTimes.com
  38. Millions of Gallons of Hazardous Chemicals Injected Into Wells, Report Says - NYTimes.com
  39. iPad Resellers Now Camp Overnight at Apple Stores - NYTimes.com
  40. OnSwipe Introduces Swipe-Friendly Tools for Sites - NYTimes.com
  41. Yahoo Will Keep Search Queries for 18 Months - NYTimes.com
  42. Willow Garage Introduces TurtleBot Robot - NYTimes.com
  43. Tech Start-Ups Settling in Flatiron and Chelsea - NYTimes.com
  44. T-Mobile Adds Free Calling Through Facebook - NYTimes.com
  45. Solar Panels Take to the Water - NYTimes.com
  46. CIA recipe for invisible ink among newly released WWI-era documents - The Washington Post
  47. U.S. troops to get better helmets and 'ballistic boxers' - CNN.com
  48. Residential Solar Systems Increase Sale Prices, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
  49. In Fight Over Spectrum, Its Broadcasters vs. Wireless Companies - NYTimes.com
  50. Life as Captured in Charts and Graphs - NYTimes.com
  51. BBC News - Mobiles fall prey to hack attacks
  52. BBC News - Amazon fault takes down websites
  53. BBC News - Kindle gets library book lending
  54. New Fuji Camera Is Both Retro and Cutting Edge - NYTimes.com
  55. Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What? - NYTimes.com
  56. Plastic, Heal Thyself - ScienceNOW
  57. Greenest Colleges in America Listed by Princeton Review - NYTimes.com
  58. Greenest Colleges in America Listed by Princeton Review - NYTimes.com
  59. Warcraft Avatars Find Real-Life Love - NYTimes.com
  60. With Flights Winding Down, NASA Astronauts Seek New Opportunities - NYTimes.com
  61. Google, Already Dominant in Mobile Search, Isn’t Resting - NYTimes.com
  62. Amazon Malfunction Raises Doubts About Cloud Computing - NYTimes.com
  63. BBC News - Lasers could replace spark plugs in car engines

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