April 2010

What's News This Month
Science, Medicine and Technology
(a monthly brownbag series)

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  1. A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas
  2. Hyena laughs and giggles decoded
  3. Is the human brain ill adapted for language?  
  4. Raiding the refrigerator, but still asleep
  5. When social fear disappears, so does racism 
  6. Caterpillars talk with their butts
  7. Good dogs live longer
  8. With gravity's help, Cassini puts on a Saturn Spectacular
  9. For some birds, it's not always the same old song
  10. 7 New rules for the environment
  11. The anatomy of desire
  12. Evolution, Big Bang polls omitted from NSF report
  13. NSF board draws flack for dropping evolution from indicators
  14. 'Fatness' gene may thin your brain
  15. A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas - life
  16. Hyena laughs and giggles decoded
  17. Observations: Present imperfect: Is the human brain ill adapted for language?
  18. Raiding the Refrigerator, but Still Asleep
  19. When Social Fear Disappears, So Does Racism
  20. Video: Caterpillars Talk With Their Butts
  21. Good Dogs Live Longer
  22. With Gravity’s Help, Cassini Puts On a Saturn Spectacular
  23. Observatory - For Some Birds, It’s Not Always the Same Old song
  24. Findings - Earth Day Challenge - 7 New Rules for the Environment
  25. Idea Lab - The Anatomy of Desire
  26. Evolution, Big Bang Polls Omitted From NSF Report
  27. NSF Board Draws Flak for Dropping Evolution From Indicators
  28. 'Fatness' gene may thin your brain - health
  29. Smell Less, Live Longer
  30. Do Brain-Training Programs Work?
  31. First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory - NASA Science
  32. Clever Crows, Complex Cognition?
  33. On 40th Anniversary, Earth Day Is Big Business
  34. Arizona State Settles DNA Case With Indian Tribe
  35. Dreams Linked to Better Memories
  36. Mostly-male book images may reduce girls' science scores
  37. Space-Bound Antimatter Detector Gets Last-Minute Overhaul
  38. Teacher Quality Moderates the Genetic Effects on Early Reading
  39. BBC News - Science enthusiasts chase dream in BBC competition
  40. Race and Empathy matter on neural level
  1. Smoking may increase risk for MS
  2. Anti-psychotic drugs link to pneumonia warning
  3. The misguided war on fat may be making us sicker
  4. In sleepless nights, a hope for treating depression
  5. The estrogen dilemma
  6. Finding a way to stop Ricin in its deadly path
  7. For same sex couples, equality in the hospital
  8. An alcoholic's savior: was it God, Belladonna, or both?
  9. Those meant to benefit from health law still face hurdles
  10. Weighing the evidence on exercise 
  11. Is marriage good for your health?
  12. Nicotine tied to Alzheimer's risk
  13. Behavioral rewards 'work like drugs' for ADHD
  14. BBC News - Anti-psychotic drugs link to pneumonia warning
  15. The misguided war on fat may be making us sicker. - By Melinda Wenner Moyer - Slate Magazine
  16.  In Sleepless Nights, a Hope for Treating Depression - Opinionator Blog - NYTimes.com
  17. The Estrogen Dilemma - NYTimes.com
  18. Observatory - Finding a Way to Stop Ricin in Its Deadly Path - NYTimes.com
  19. For Same-Sex Couples, Equality in the Hospital - Well Blog - NYTimes.com
  20. An Alcoholic’s Savior - Was It God, Belladonna or Both? - NYTimes.com
  21. Those Meant to Benefit From Health Law Still Face Hurdles - NYTimes.com
  22. Weighing the Evidence on Exercise - NYTimes.com
  23. Is Marriage Good for Your Health? - NYTimes.com
  24. Nicotine tied to Alzheimer's risk - health - 14 April 2010 - New Scientist
  25. BBC News - Behavioural rewards 'work like drugs' for ADHD
  26. BBC News - Well-done meat doubles bladder cancer risk
  27. BBC News - Fatherly chats influence smoking, Cardiff study finds
  28. BBC News - Parasite 'a growing stroke risk'
  29. A Brain-Recording Device that Melts into Place: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
  30. Bomb’s shock waves may electrify the brain - More health news- msnbc.com

  1. 1 out of 5 textbooks digital by 2014
  2. Cyberattack on Google said to hit password system
  3. Web buzzing over possible new version of the iPhone
  4. Entertainment trumps politics on Chinese websites
  5. Companies slowly join cloud computing
  6. What would Ellsberg do with Pentagon papers today?
  7. New Museum merges tech and artistic brains
  8. Facebook overhauls profile interests, converts them to pages
  9. Hallucinogens have doctors tuning in
  10. MLB 10 brings real feel to PS3
  11. Scientists assess flight risk from Iceland volcanic ash
  12.  1 Out of 5 Textbooks Digital by 2014 - NYTimes.com
  13.  Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System - NYTimes.com
  14.  Web Buzzing Over Possible New Version of the iPhone - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com
  15.  Entertainment Trumps Politics on Chinese Web Sites - NYTimes.com
  16.  Companies Slowly Join Cloud-Computing - NYTimes.com
  17.  Link by Link - What Would Ellsberg Do With Pentagon Papers Today? - NYTimes.com
  18.  New Museum Merges Artistic and Tech Brains - NYTimes.com
  19.  Facebook Overhauls Profile Interests, Converts Them to Pages - NYTimes.com
  20.  Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again - NYTimes.com
  21.  Video Game Review - MLB 10 The Show Brings Real Feel to PlayStation 3 - NYTimes.com
  22.  BBC News - Scientists assess flight risks from Iceland volcano ash
  23.  BBC News - Porn virus publishes web history of victims on the net
  24.  BBC News - Microsoft debuts 'fix it' program
  25.  A Switch for the Google Age - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com
  26.  Beyond Street View - Google Photographers Begin Going Inside Businesses - NYTimes.com
  27.  Panasonic Cameras Most Reliable, Survey Finds - Gadgetwise Blog - NYTimes.com
  28.  State of the Art - Tough Cameras Make Underwater Photography Easier - NYTimes.com
  29.  A Desk That Allows You to Stand or Sit - NYTimes.com
  30.  Phone Smart - Birding Apps Are the New Field Guides - NYTimes.com
  31.  Business of Green - Venture Capitalists See Growth in Agriculture 2.0 - NYTimes.com
  32.  Google Acquires Another Piece of the Tablet Puzzle - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com
  33.  Testing the iPad’s Trip-Worthiness - NYTimes.com
  34.  Europe's Humongous Study of Cell Phone Risks - ScienceInsider
  35.  BBC News - Security update hits Windows PCs
  36.  BBC News - Microsoft profit up 35% thanks to Windows 7 profits