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September 28, 2010

What's News This Month
Science, Medicine and Technology
(a monthly brownbag series)

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  1. Harvard Finds Marc Hauser Guilty of Scientific Misconduct
  2. Bedbugs Crawl, They Bite, They Baffle Scientists
  3. Brainy worms: Scientists uncover counterpart of cerebral cortex in marine worms
  4. Moma's Boys Get Girls
  5. Why Starved Flies Need Less Sleep
  6. DVDs Don’t Turn Toddlers Into Vocabulary Einsteins
  7. Accepted Notion of Mars as Lifeless Is Challenged
  8. These Dance Moves Are Irresistible
  9. Birds Create Illusions to Look Pumped
  10. Why some memories stick
  11. Trouble in Harvard’s Monkey House
  12. In a Fight for a Tree, Ants Thwart Elephants
  13.  Birds and Lice Are Color-Coordinated (for the Most Part)
  14. Researchers Create Nanostructures, and Whip Up a Recipe, Too
  15. Edible Nanostructures
  16. Frog cells give artificial nose the power of super smell
  17.  Plucked hairs can keep track of circadian rhythms
  18. Alzheimer's study: Nuns donate their brains to science
  19.  ‘Delusions of Gender’ Peels Away Popular Theories
  20. Why it's OK for birds to be gay
  21. Size Matters in Canine Smarts
  22. Does Your Language Shape How You Think?
  23. Solid Rocket Motor’s Future With NASA Is in Question
  24. Sweating Your Way to Success
  25. Big deal went sour? Blame the testosterone
  26. Fast-Growing Boys Have More Sex as Men
  27. Tug of War Pits Genes of Parents in the Fetus
  28. With DNA of chocolate nearly decoded by scientists, could sweeter treats await?
  29. George C. Williams, Leading Evolutionary Theorist, Dies at 83 - Obituary (Obit)
  30. Bering in Mind: Is your child a "prehomosexual"? Forecasting adult sexual orientation
  31. Feeling the Pain of Rejection? Try Taking a Tylenol: Scientific American
  32. Laid back men 'more attractive'
  33. Even Bugs Have Personality
  34. A Perk of Our Evolution - Pleasure in Pain of Chilies
  35. Mating Games at Meerkat Manor

  1. One-shot radiotherapy 'success against breast cancer'
  2. Psychoactive drugs: From recreation to medication
  3. A smile may not mean your baby is happy - Health News, Health & Families
  4. New Research Raises Hope That Autism Effects May Be Reversible
  5. 'Magic mushrooms' ingredient beneficial to cancer patients, report says
  6. In Feast of Data on BPA Plastic, No Final Answer
  7. Caution urged over vitamin B dementia therapy
  8. Defining Normal In The Brain
  9. Cockroach Brains, Coming To A Pharmacy Near You
  10. Are Newer Medical Treatments Better? Not Always
  11. In Feast of Data on BPA Plastic, No Final Answer
  12.  Lasting Pleasures, Robbed by Drug Abuse
  13. Smoking marijuana relieves some pain: study
  14. New Parents at Risk for Depression
  15. Cycle of stress
  16. Sugar's Power Over Humans Traced
  17. Vital Signs - Mild Cognitive Impairment Hits Men Earlier and More Often
  18. In Basketball, Danger of Head Trauma
  19. Really? - Is Drying Your Hands With a Towel Better Than Using a Dryer?
  20.  Mutation in some autistic boys found
  21. Minimolecule May Explain How Antidepressants Work
  22. It's official: A small dose of Prozac can help beat PMS
  23. Manganese in water tied to kids' low IQ
  24. Virus 'link' to childhood obesity
  25. Enzyme Might Underlie Some Stroke Damage
  26. Antipsychotic drugs 'appear to raise blood clot risk'
  27. Hospital mortality rates drop statewide, but several local hospitals still struggling


  1. As E-Books Gain, Barnes and Noble Tries to Stay Ahead
  2. WePay Wants to Simplify Group Payments 
  3. Android Beefs Up Hands-Free Commands
  4. The Google/Verizon Payment Plan 
  5. Judges Divided Over Growing GPS Surveillance
  6. Fujifilm Debuts 3-D Camera Among the Dinosaurs
  7. A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana
  8. Lyric Semiconductor Develops a Probability Chip 
  9. Shopkick App Pushes Bargains, Aisle by Aisle
  10. Hulu Is Seen as Readying to Go Public
  11. Google’s Chrome Web Store Likely Coming in October, Focusing Heavily on Games
  12. Toshiba Claims Hard-Drive Breakthrough
  13. Technology Aids Restoration of Whaling Ship Morgan
  14.  Poetry in the Age of Technology
  15. OpenDNS Simplifies Life for Web Users
  16. Three Reasons to Switch to Flock
  17. A College Student Reviews a Smartpen
  18. Replacing a Pile of Textbooks With an iPad
  19. Presenting the MiFi of Your Dreams
  20. Apps Give You Loyalty Card Prices Without the Loyalty Cards 
  21. Smarter Than You Think - The Boss Is Robotic, and Rolling Up Behind You
  22. In Search of the Right Case to Protect the iPad
  23. Craigslist Blocks Access to ‘Adult Services’ Pages
  24. Digital Domain - A Strong Password Isn’t the Strongest Security
  25. Texas Attorney General Investigates Google Search
  26. HP Mini 5103 Review - Dual-Core Atom and Touch
  27. Apple's Ping Overrun With Spam
  28. For Greener Data Centers, Give Servers an Oil Bath
  29. Consumer Watchdog Group Goes After Google
  30. J. Craig Venter’s Corporate Strategy? The Scientific Method
  31. Does Google's Free Phone Service Work In Other Countries?
  32. Computer Chips Seem Poised to Shrink Again
  33. The Gates Path to an Energy Revolution
  34. Technology Leads More Park Visitors Into Trouble
  35. Can Geoengineering Halt Sea-Level Rise?
  36. A screaming-fast PC changed my life. It will change yours, too
  37. Your Money - Testing Software to Write Wills on the Home Computer
  38. Burglars Picked Houses Based on Facebook Updates
  39. A Video Show From Google Highlights Hot Topics
  40. New Uses for an Old Plug
  41. State of the Art - New Kindle Leaves Rivals Farther Behind
  42. Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites
  43. Location Sites Experiment to Attract Mainstream Users
  44. Oracle Takes Open-Source Software Fight to Google
  45. Drilling Down - Hinting That It’s Good to Be Bad
  46. Artificial skins detect the gentlest touch
  47. Google Upgrades Security on Gmail
  48. A Push to Put Identifying Collars on Cats
  49. A Professor Reviews CliffsNotes and Other Cheat Sheets
  50. Microsoft's New Browser Is Pretty Cool. No, Seriously
  51. A Baby Photo Becomes an Internet Meme
  52. Shapeways and Its 3-D Printing Comes To New York
  53. Turning Smartphones Into E-Readers 
  54. The Haggler - Find Broken Computer. Return to Company. Repeat.