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November 30, 2010

  1. Dead Spacecraft Walking
  2. Solar Shield--Protecting the North American Power Grid
  3. Brain Takes Less Than Second to Fall in Love
  4. BBC News - Dream recording device 'possible' researcher claims
  5. The scientific rules of attraction
  6. Breathe Better With Bitter
  7. The secret to staying alert? Good genes
  8. New Anthropoid Species Uncovered in Libya
  9. Weak Immune System Might Give Animals Some Advantages
  10. Encased in Amber, a Trove of New Species
  11. Recognizing Spatial Intelligence
  12. This Is Your Brain on Coke or Pepsi
  13. Cannabis compounds make females more masculine
  14. Neandertal Brains Developed More Like Chimps'
  15. Track lactic acid to discover brain age
  16. Planetary Science and Cosmology
  17. Moving Toward Quantum Computing
  18. Epigenetics Seeks Clues to Mental Illness in Genes’ Life Story
  19. Neuroscience: Settling the great glia debate
  20. Rethinking Brain Evolution in Insects
  21. The Gene for Zzzzzzzz
  22. How Bats Can Tell If a Sound Is Important
  23. How fear flows through the mind
  24. Short Sharp Science: Pain brain regions also active during female orgasm
  25. Short Sharp Science: Is this proof that spooky auras are real?
  26. Psychopathy: Socially challenging
  27. A Microscopic View
  28. Comet Hartley 2 Is Spewing Ice, NASA Photos Show
  29. Jupiter-Size Planet Is Discovered at Old Star in Milky Way - Observatory
  30. Daylight Savings Hurts Test Scores
  31. Mammals Grew 1000 Times Larger After the Demise of the Dinosaurs
  32. Dogs have bigger brains than cats because they are more sociable, research finds
  33. Kids (and Animals) Who Fail Classic Mirror Tests May Still Have Sense of Self
  34. The Tuatara, a Still-Evolving Original

  1. Alzheimer's risk doubles in heavy smokers
  2. Stroke rate slashed at prevention clinic
  3. Study: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine
  4. Depression Often Returns in Youths, Study Finds
  5. Autism Therapy Beginning at 6 Months
  6. Lost your libido? Let's try a little neuro-realism, madam |
  7. NIH-supported mouse studies suggest treatment target for alcohol problems
  8. Stroke patients 12% more likely to die if admitted on weekend
  9. Genes marked by stress make grandchildren mentally ill
  10. MRIs Pinpoint Time Of Stroke
  11. Stopping the Brain From Hurting Itself
  12. Stuffing fruit flies to study human obesity
  13. Fish Oil No Foil for Alzheimer's
  14. Vitamin E linked to increased risk of some strokes
  15. Picturing the Brain
  16. Avastin in Treating Brain Cancer
  17. Hunting Alzheimer’s Early Signs
  18. The Insanity Virus
  19. Calcium causes brain cell loss in Parkinson's
  20. Painkillers in pregnancy can affect fetal testicles
  21. Brain injury 'more likely' in young offenders, study says
  22. Why Are Caffeinated Alcoholic Energy Drinks Dangerous?
  23. Brain gym helps elderly drivers avoid crashes
  24. Marijuana Smokers Who Start Early Are at Greatest Risk, Study Finds
  25. ADHD puts teen drivers at risk: study
  26. Winter's limited light darkens many moods
  27. Hearing loss linked to passive smoking
  28. One day, cells from skin might repair your spine
  29. 2 Treatments for Retina Diseases Make Progress
  30. In Rare Cases, Pope Justifies Use of Condoms
  31. Darvon Pulled From Market by F.D.A.
  32. South Africa Faces Growing H.I.V. Crisis
  33. Planning for Home Care After the Hospital Stay
  34. Vytorin Helps People With Kidney Disease, a Study Suggests
  35. Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle
  36. Teenage girls and recurring depression
  37. Gene therapy 'memory boost hope'
  38. Radiation Worries for Children in Dentists’ Chairs
  39. Gestation Time Linked to Structure of Placenta


  1. I.A.E.A. Visits Nuclear Plants in United States
  2. You Can Hide, but in Europe You Can’t Watch Hulu
  3. Robotic hand might become a valuable gripper even though it has no fingers
  4. Microsoft vs. Software Piracy - Inside the War Room
  5. Investigator Finds No Evidence That BP Took Shortcuts to Save Money
  6. Green Power’s High Cost Scuttles Projects
  7. Google Offers Free In-Flight Wi-Fi for the Holidays
  8. Worm in Iran Can Wreck Nuclear Centrifuges
  9. QVC Finesses Its Multimedia Offerings
  10. Notepads That Keep You on the Same Digital Page
  11. Importing Coal, China Burns It as Others Stop
  12. With Kinect Controller, Hackers Take Liberties
  13. Keeps Tally in Iraq and Afghanistan
  14. Social Shopping Site Fashism Gets Cash
  15. Lessons Learned in 10 Years on the Tech Beat — State of the Art
  16. Apple Computer Sells For $213,000 At Auction
  17. Google’s Chrome OS Is Prepared for a Netbook
  18. Shopping Apps Like RedLaser and TheFind Can Locate Deals
  19. PW Singer on military robots and the future of war
  20. Q&A: Reporting Mistakes in Google Maps
  21. Apps and Gadgets to Soothe the Baby
  22. Google’s Chrome OS Is Prepared for a Netbook
  23. Tablets, Compared - Interactive Feature
  24. MIT Media Lab Hacks the Kinect for Browser Navigation With Gestures (Video)
  25. As Video Games Lose Buttons, They Add Realism and Fun
  26. 2010 Holiday Gift Guide
  27. Robots, the Military’s Newest Forces
  28. OnLive Gaming System Will Stream to TV Sets
  29. A 'Crazy Bad' Day for Pollution in Beijing
  30. In Cybertherapy, Avatars Assist With Healing
  31. In California, Carports That Can Generate Electricity
  32. Working It Out, iTunes to Sell Beatles Titles