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WhatsApp Download for PC Free
We seem to live more connected more than ever with the way smartphones and mobile apps have made everything so friendly. From the time when WhatsApp Incorporated introduced WhatsApp messenger, we think we found the best kind of unlimited call and text in the application. It’s highly practical because we're ready to enjoy these features with only an Internet connection required. Needless to say, we can talk endlessly above video calls, voice and send messages anywhere. Friends, families, co-workers and almost everyone we know already use the app.
WhatsApp: Something you got to must

WhatsApp is a 1-year FREE service that lets everyone knowledge launching video calls and voice calls from any location just as long as there is a 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi connection ready.subscription of $0.99.

That’s fair enough

The real thing about downloading WhatsApp for PC is you don’t have to own a separate account in case you move on with the joining fee. We’ll make it available to your personal computer with a very simple system. If you’re an Android user, you can only require the same user interface to appear on your screen whenever you launch the same on PC.

  • Shows a time stamp and lets you know if the message was already viewed by the recipient
  • Send and share location via GPS
  • Customize a list short of replies to use when your hands are full
  • Attach media files to your message
  • Full user coverage

Latest update!

Every day, there are new app announcements at the Play Store that we can’t wait to try. Aside from that, there’s also the regular update to look forward to when it comes to our favorite apps.  and get the same information delivered to your computer any time of day. Here are some Things you can check, 

  • Customizable wallpapers
  • Sound notification
  • Chat history can be reviewed on Email
  • The multi-messaging feature lets you send general messages to several contacts concurrently.

whatsapp download for pc

More About WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp’s latest update now supports Android direct share, that lets users quickly select a particular conversation when sharing them from another app. This feature so far requires the latest Android OS 6.0 or up. If you have some favorite chats that you want to read all over again, you can make use of the starred messages feature. It’s basically like your bookmark for everyone the chats you want to discuss later. It can be finished right down at the Chats tab, then look under the Menu and then check for any starred messages.

Mobility at its excellent

WhatsApp now supports Android wear. You can put on the newest Android smartwatch on Hand and receive WhatsApp messages just like with your phone. This is something to be grateful for, most wonderfully now that we require to stay connected even while working out at the gym or taking our dog for a walk. You can read messages, reply and even make or receive calls from any smart device.  Although WhatsApp doesn’t actually require any sign-in process. Which means you’re basically connected all day unless you ran out a battery or need to turn off your device.

How to Download WhatsApp for your PC


Mac or Windows PC

Whatsupp download for pc

Download WhatsApp For PC