Welcome to the Hamilton Project Tracking Work space

Project Hamilton goal is to provide the people of Earth with any and all basic government services and rights. 
This project is not affiliated with other Project Hamilton's. Due to the potential for confusion, the main entrance has moved to the ProjectGo site found here, https://sites.google.com/site/pressgonow/ . That said, this will continue to function as the main site for internal work communications.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->We are not interested in building Empires. 

We are interested in providing services to Humanity where others are not and building a World Culture that embraces all of Humanity. 

This is a work in progress, and any ideas are welcome. We are currently in the planning, design, brain storming phase of our project and we need as much involvement as possible to help as many as possible.

We are seeking leaders in all areas of management, language and specialization. Being a Recruiter and organizer of people are the most needed skill sets at this point.

To quote Cave Johnson, "I like your grit. Hustle could use some work though, now let's solve this thing!"

It's important to note that the Hamilton Project is open for anyone to take part in and is a world wide, open source project. What this means to you is that from here you can choose to participate or not participate in any events and see how your participation has advanced the Hamilton Project. We will be working our way down from the largest nations to the smallest, hopefully assigning projects to every city, town, county and province in the world. The people of these communities can choose to participate or not. If they do not, I hope we can work with them to create a project they would like to work on.Remember, we only want to help. We seek to do no harm. At any level.


This site is a online resource for the operational teams involved in the Hamilton Project.


I am currently recruiting activists to argue our ideals and goals, and organizers capable of recruiting World Wide. If you desire to help humanity, please contact me at tye45io@gmail.com or click on the contact page.