The Zodiac sign of Virgo is often considered to be one of the more fortunate signs, blessed with general good luck. Virgo is associated with many positive characteristics. People of this sign are always faithful in spirit, even if they admit extramarital affair. You’re extremely confident in whatever you do. Their personality traits include being conscientious, analytical, methodical and have a strong sense of mission and purpose. They are very romantic and passionate, honest and direct in her feelings and intentions. You need people in your life who understand you, are peaceful by nature and can share some interests that you do as well. Marriage is important and collaboration as well as social contacts. Virgo are highly devoted to their children, you will not find a more defensive parent in all the zodiac. They care for and treat their friends with special attention, especially during difficult times. They are very idealistic, and will work hard to achieve their goals. Lucky days are Monday and Friday.

Virgo Lucky Numbers for 2013 are 7, 11, 38, 44, 60.

  • People will assume Virgo is in a bad mood, when really Virgo is just in one of their quiet, thinking moods.
  • Black and white choices imply a simple universe, and to Virgo the universe it rarely simple. They know what they're capable of doing.
  • The slightest things can butcher a Virgo's feelings, it'll hurt them forever, but they'll never tell you, so be careful.
  • Virgos are affectionate and loving in intimate relationships.

Find your personal lucky number:

Enter Your birthdate and time of birth. Example: 23-3-1989 11:15

A: Add all the numbers in the birth date.
2+3+3+1+9+8+9=35. 35 is the sum number.
Add the numbers in it. 3+5=8. 8 is the sum number.

B: Add all the numbers in Time of Birth.
1+1+1+5=8. 8 is the sum number.

Add the sum numbers (A+B).
8+8=16. 1+6=7. 7 is the personal lucky number for 23-3-1989 11:15