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In the beginning...

Genesis 1

In the beginning created God the ( the = א בגדהוזחטיכלמםנןסעפףצץקרש ת = א"ת = את )

first he created the letters then... ) 

heavens and the earth;

and the earth was without form and empty, 

and darkness on the face of the deep; 

and the Spirit of God was brooding on the face of the waters.

the picture book (nechunya ben hakana, ishmael choen gadol):

"letters as are the inner essence of all of creation, thay are not purely marks

But the essence of the highest spiritual energies,

 power from ongoing god to the world, all

moment on the spur of the forces attracted to him at any moment,

and the letters are the pipes

that lasted all of them the universe and all worlds beyond.

 When a person spends letters which 

he connect and raises the same forces as the quality of

his speech, and the right tools which 

is a wealth, attracts the world or himself".

    :the kabbalah letter (alef) by the ten spheres

(source:rimonim book)

kabbalah letters (esther book):