what is gout?
Gout is defined as the human body there is a substance called purine metabolic disorders occurred, uric acid (the oxidation of purine metabolite) synthesis increase or reduce the discharge, resulting in hyperuricemia, when the serum uric acid concentration is too high , uric acid that is in the form of sodium deposited in joints, soft tissues, cartilage and kidney, causing the organization's foreign body inflammatory reaction, called gout.
Experts clearly pointed out the pathology of gout: Purine, mainly in the form of purine nucleotides, which in energy supply, regulation of metabolism and composition of coenzyme plays an important role in such areas. Purine nucleotide constitute the material basis for life's most basic nucleic acid, one of the most important material, nucleic acids are formed by a number of nucleotide polymerization of compounds of biological macromolecules. The relationship between them is: purine is a product of nucleic acid metabolism, while the uric acid is a product of purine metabolism.
So is not purine, uric acid caused by gout, precise nucleic acid, purine, uric acid and other substances in the pathological metabolic disorders is the substance of gout.
The cause of gout disease pathology determined simply inhibit or promote the synthesis of uric acid excretion of uric acid in the non-treatment of gout patients have a fundamental way. This is the conventional treatment methods, can not fundamentally solve the causes of gout disease.

Gout has become second only to diabetes, metabolic diseases, which seriously endanger human life and health, the United States and Japan had gout patients the cause of death statistics: Patients usually caused by induced cardiovascular disease and kidney failure, uremic disease and death.
Gout hazard beyond imagination!
According to the 2004 World Health Organization released a data indicate that over 90% of gout patients have varying degrees of gout stone formation, of which about 1 / 3 of patients will occur stones ulceration, and almost all of the stone-breaking ulcer are due to improper maintenance and ultimately amputation disabled; 25% of gout patients with renal failure occur, of which 60-70% of patients will have died; and life expectancy of patients with gout generally less than the normal 10-20 year. Gout has become the twenty-first century a new world is facing pressing the control of diseases.
General intermittent gout attacks, when the disease is manifested mainly toe joint, ankle joints and finger joints and other parts of redness, swelling, and accompanied by a needle, knife-like sharp pain, most patients will be accompanied by a high fever. The general course of the disease over five years, will appear in patients with gout stones, gout stones can cause severe joint deformation, so that patients can not walk properly, not even Woqu pens, books, chopsticks and other everyday objects, gout, stone, if not treated early will be self-ulceration, wounds unhealed for years, and eventually to force a result of infection in patients with disabling amputation. But also because of gout in some patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. Especially the course of more than ten years of gouty kidney patients, if left unchecked the disease could easily lead to renal colic, hematuria, until the cause of renal failure and uremia renal function and eventually, and some had to rely on a kidney transplant patient to sustain life.
Patients with gout are often inadequate understanding of the dangers of disease, particularly in patients with incipient, often taking a little during the onset of colchicine settle the matter, attack period, the majority of patients do not increase dietary restraint, let alone daily health care. Little do they know, resulting in the precipitation of gout has not been eliminated, hematuria acid value is not returned to normal, gout, it would not be cured, and, in addition to the existing incidence of uric acid but also other parts of the deposition area, especially kidney and urinary system . In these parts of the formation of uric acid precipitation, will result in kidney and urinary system organic pathological damage to a certain degree of development can also cause renal failure and uremia. Statistics show that more than ten years, there is often high blood pressure in patients with gout, diabetes, complications such as myocardial infarction.
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