Kitchen Faucet reviews 2017

The kitchen is my turf and I make sure that all things in it are fully operational and useful -- morning, noon and nighttime. But if there’s a fixture that I consider as the most valuable asset in my kitchen, it is the faucet. The kitchen faucet is the most used, if not abused, equipment in anyone’s kitchen. If you’re on the lookout for the kitchen faucet that would suit your daily kitchen activities, this honest-to-goodness kitchen faucet review is intended to help you and narrow down your search.

What you should be looking for in a kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet, in tandem with the kitchen sink, is the most hardworking fellow in the kitchen. You’ll lose count on how many times per day it is turned on and off. If you’re aware of the extensive use or expected work from it, then it’s better to learn the basic elements in picking the best kitchen faucet.

·       Configuration


The configuration basically refers to the mounting style (wall or sink/countertop), faucet handles (single or dual), and the spout structure (conventional or pull-out/pull-down).


·       Style


During the initial stage of selection, the normal impulse would be to pick a faucet based on the aesthetic design. But it does not necessarily follow that the kitchen faucet with the most appealing style is also the finest in terms of functionality.


·       Finish


The surface coating or finish of the spout and handles of a kitchen faucet is also a determining factor when choosing. Finishes may be stainless steel, chrome, brass, brushed nickel, bronze, and other hand-rubbed bronze, stainless steel, brass and other kinds that would give both a protective coating and decorative charm.


·       Construction and Valve Type


Setting aside the style and aesthetics, the make of a kitchen faucet as well as the valve used are critical considerations. You will see various faucets made from stainless steel, brass, and even plastic. As to the valve, it is the part that controls the flow of water and frequently operated. Thus, the durability and useful economic life of a good steel or brass faucet dwarf the plastic type.

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Whether you’re in the market for a new one or due to upgrade your kitchen faucet, the following reviews of the best-rated kitchen faucets will guide you in the right direction.

Since you are about to choose the cornerstone of your beloved kitchen, following are the reviews of the best two kitchen faucets for every type and the best touchless faucet. The reviews took into serious consideration the design, durability, and functionality. Take some time to learn about the best features of each and see which one would meet your specific needs.


Brand / Model

Faucet Type

Amazon Rating


Peerless P299578LF-SS Choice Stainless Steel

Two Handle

4.3 Stars


American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft, Polished Chrome

Pull Down

4.3 Stars


Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland

Single Handle

4.6 Stars


Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel Finished

Pull Out

4.0 Stars


Moen Brantford Motion Sense 7185ESRS


4.5 Stars


Best Two Handle Kitchen Faucets


1.    Peerless P299578LF-SS Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel (Amazon 4.3 Stars)($49.90)


This kitchen faucet is a great steal if it’s the best two handle kitchen faucet you are looking for. Well, the design is unassuming yet practical in every way. The spout is set perfectly between the two handles and arcs attractively over the top of your sink. The high arc rotating spout gives you unobstructed access to the sink making your dishwashing, rinsing, and cleaning experience a very pleasant one.


ü  Ergonomic blade handles of ease of use


ü  High arc 360 degree rotating spout


ü  Matching, non-intrusive side sprayer for pot-filling and clean-up around the sink


ü  Metal faucet, not metal-coated plastic, for durability




§  Vulnerable to mineral spots and stain.


§  Require constant cleaning due to fingerprints marks.

1.    Delta Windemere 21996LF Two Handle Kitchen Faucet, Chrome (Amazon 4.2 Stars)($68.80)

The Windermere is the second best in the category of two handle kitchen faucets. It’s the most practical, dependable and hardworking fixture that will stand the daily pressure for years on end. Its’ elegant lines will perfectly match any traditional décor.


ü  Timeless design


ü  Standard spout rotates 360 degrees


ü  Matching vegetable sprayer for rinsing and clean-up convenience


ü  Washerless stem cartridge  and long sprayer hose for extended reach





§  The faucet handles are not as sturdy as expected


Best Two Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

1.     American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Polished Chrome (Amazon 4.3 Stars)($93.49)


The American Standard Colony kitchen faucet is the best pull-down kitchen faucet because of its adjustable spray pattern and pause feature for added convenience. You can dictate the water flow direction where you need it and when you need it.




ü  Integrated Sprayer for adjustable spray pattern and pause feature


ü  Ceramic disc valve for drip free performance


ü  Brass swivel spout and metal lever handle for durablitiy


ü  Scratch, tarnish, and corrosion resistant Finish




§  Tendency to hang loose


§  Nozzle lacks a magnet or other mechanism to hold it to the neck


§  Improper installation of supplied weights hampers full retraction


2.    Phoenix (SP3105-06-03I) Brushed Nickel Hybrid Kitchen Faucet

(Amazon 5.0 Stars)($148.72)


This hybrid faucet is a class of its own. It combines the characteristics of plastic resin and metal powder to produce a new poly-metal material suitable for a kitchen faucet.


ü  Corrosion-resistant and durable combo of plastic resin and metal powder


ü  Sturdy, lead-free, brass encased shanks


ü  Single piece molded underbody  for no leak performance


ü  EPA Water Sense certified water savings


Best Two Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

1.    Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Docking, Arctic Stainless

(Amazon 4.6 Stars)($167.27)

This Delta faucet is the runaway choice as the best single handle faucet. It has the timeless look of simple faucet but embellished with outstanding features not found in a typical and widely used type of kitchen faucet.


You can choose from various finishes such as Arctic Stainless, Chrome, SpotShield Stainless, and Venetian Bronze. It’s made to last for the long haul.




ü  Single handle and a pull-down kitchen faucet.


ü  Powerful integrated magnet that snaps back faucet in place.


ü  Two-function sprays with rocker switch to shift from stream to spray water flow and vice-versa.


ü  High-quality finishes that won’t chip, fade, or scratch due to heavy use.


ü  Durable and built for the long haul.


ü  With Duramount mounting system and can fit in 1 or 3-hole sinks.


ü  Diamond Seal Valve, a diamond-embedded ceramic disc to eliminate leaks with no need for lubrication.


ü  Dedicated one-piece supply line.




§  Professional plumber needed for perfect installation.


2.     Purelux Tulip Single Handle Contemporary Design Arc Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet With Deck Plate, 3 Spray Pull Out cUPC NSF AB 1953 Lead Free Certified, Brushed Nickel 5 YEAR WARRANTY (Amazon 4.5 Stars)($89.70)


The Purelux Tulip is a beautiful, streamlined, contemporary single handle faucet that will instantly give your kitchen the upgraded, modern look you desire. This second best is replete with functions and features to turn your washing chores into a fast and easy task with less mess and no frustration.




ü  Three-function spray head provides a shower spray or aerated stream.


ü  360 degree rotating spout allows you to reach either side of your sink effortlessly


ü  Generous 16" height and 14" pull down hose to let you stand comfortably by the sink and work within your natural posture.

ü  Convenient touch button to temporarily stop the water flow while moving the nozzle in between tasks.

ü  Ceramic cartridge guaranteed to exceed a 10 year service life for long-lasting and dependable use.




§  Plastic faucet head has a tendency to detach from the short pull-out hose.


§  Deck plate is also made of plastic.


§  Rotation of faucet neck not so smooth.

Best Two Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

1.    Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Prep Kitchen Sink Faucets, Brushed Nickel Finished (Amazon 4.0 Stars)($49.99)


This product stands out as the pull-out kitchen faucet of choice based on its costly features and the surprisingly affordable price tag. The faucet is attractively built with its stainless steel make complemented by a Brushed Nickel finish. While the style is contemporary, it was developed primarily for heavy-duty use in the kitchen. The faucet is a gem in the kitchen.




ü  Super functional pull down sprayer


ü  Dual function for an aerated stream or powerful spray with a push of a button.


ü  Easy washing of small to bigger items like pots and pans.


ü  20” sprayer hose for longer reach  


ü  Movable nozzle in 4 directional water flow (up or down and left to right).


ü  Quality for cost




§  Comes with every part needed for installation but hard to understand instructional manual.


2.    Ufaucet Modern High Arch Stainless Steel Plumbing Spiral Single Handle Commercial Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet, Chrome Pull Down Kitchen Faucet (Amazon 3.8 Stars)($74.99)

This 2nd best pull-out kitchen faucet is the most appealing with its unique spiral metal spring design. The faucet is professional grade equipment that is actually made for commercial use. The sophisticated ceramic engineering provides both convenience and control precision.



ü  Built for heavy duty use


ü  Imported ceramic disc cartridge


ü  Stream and sprayer water flow modes


ü  Can withstand high water pressure


ü  Lead-free material



§  Inconsistent button switch performance


§  Requires professional plumber to install

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet


1.    Moen Brantford Motionsense Touchless One-Handle High-Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless (7185ESRS)

(Amazon 4.5 Stars)($338.36)


The Moen Bradford 7185ESRS is a winner when it comes to the touchless kitchen faucet. This is an excellent choice if you’re after hands-free convenience and swift motion response. The faucet brings the magical experience of a touch-free tap into your kitchen. Your simple hand movement will trigger the water flow and stop it with another hand command.


ü  High-quality oil-rubbed bronze finish

ü  Nifty dual sensors at the front and back of the goose neck to receive your hand signals.


ü  High arched neck provides plenty of clearance beneath the spout and unobstructed work area around the sink.


ü  Very functional and easier to clean and fill large cookware.


ü  High-quality oil-rubbed bronze finish is spot and fingerprint resistant for less cleaning.


ü  Duralast 1255 cartridge built to endure demanding usage and for longer performance.

ü  Pulldown hose extends and retracts smoothly with Reflex system

ü  Duralock Quick Connect system for fast and secure installation



§  Higher price tag


§  Handle is unusable without power supply


§  Requires AC adapter and battery for back-up power in case of power outage.


§  Donot expect to operate the faucet by use of the manual handle alone


§  Manual temperature control in a separate box under the sink which is annoying if you need to adjust temperature setting frequently.

The choice is yours to make

We hope this kitchen faucet review gave you the basic but sufficient information to make the right choice. The best-rated kitchen faucets reviewed and presented here are good choices. They have certain strengths that may meet your standards and specific needs. The best part is you’re getting your money’s worth without sacrificing on design, durability, and functionality. In the final reckoning, the choice is yours to make.

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