Chris Hartcher

Friday, 25 February 2011


Statement on the sinking

of the ex-HMAS Adelaide


The NSW Coalition is committed to re-introducing a proper, transparent planning system in New South Wales. Under Labor, planning has been debauched by an endless series of scandals brought about by political interference in the planning process.


As a responsible Member of Parliament, I have raised these concerns in the Parliament and by making representation to the Government. My concern has always been to ensure that the community is fully informed about Government decisions and is appropriately consulted. I have consistently taken this approach as a State Member of Parliament.


The Coalition is committed to repealing the present planning laws and re-writing planning legislation to ensure merit-based professional decision-making, with appropriate community consultation, free from political interference.


The Labor Government's approach to the sinking of the Adelaide has not been consultative and has been marred by constant political manoeuvring. As a result, a Court found the Government process defective and has ordered numerous corrections.


The Court has, subject to the corrections being made and its orders being complied with, authorised the sinking of the Adelaide.


On the basis that the court orders are strictly complied with, the NSW Coalition has no objection to the sinking of the vessel.


If the Coalition is elected to office at the State Election on 26 March 2011, the sinking of the Adelaide will proceed.