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What is "What Fairmont Needs Is..." and what do you do?
What Fairmont Needs Is... or "WFNI" for short is a community development group that was originally established in order to promote our city and surrounding county to businesses such as retailers and restaurants in hopes of them establishing here.  While we still are reaching out to businesses, we have grown to so much more.  This group has grown from a few hundred to over 2,000 members in less than a year, has been featured on various news outlets, in the local newspaper, online, and is becoming a recognized entity within the community even with city and county officials.  With strength in numbers local events have been organized and promoted such as the "Make it Shine Marion County" program, the "Marion Ca$h Mob", as well as the "First Friday Art's and Music Series" as well as many others.  We've watched our friend's business grow with the opening of "The Firehouse Cafe", we've let each other in on the counties best kept secrets and discovered that Fairmont does indeed have a lot to offer and vouch to keep it local whenever we can.  WFNI has become a voice, a community, a group of people from different walks of life with different ideas that are here together with one common goal in mind:  To watch Fairmont and Marion County grow and prosper.  It's a slow rolling ball of momentum but it is rolling and is getting bigger by the day.  Where will we be this time next year?  Time will only tell.  But your involvement could make those dreams a reality.  Welcome to What Fairmont Needs Is...

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Is there a certain retail store or restaurant that you think would
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