What do Girls Like to be Called

What do Girls Like to be Called?

That's a broad and controversial question, because just like men are all different, so are women. What do girls really think and who do they want to dating? What is the best way to impress girls? If you forgot your date's name, what might you call them instead?
  • Depends on who says it and in what way they say it, but i have no problem with 'babe'. Babe isnt bad, the others are cringey.
  • I do quite enjoy when my boyfriend addresses me as 'babe', and my absolute favourite is 'beautiful', it melts me every time.
  • Girls especially like nicknames which are cute as well as unique. My name is also sufficient.
  • I'd be pretty happy with my name you know! But if my bf did want to give me a pet name I think 'hun' is nice. I really like 'angel' as well. I'd love to have the nickname 'angel'! I also don't mind 'gorgeous' but I couldn't imagine someone calling me that all the time.
  • Sandwich Maker Doll. Seems to work.
  • I actually feel nauseous when a guy calls me 'babe' or 'sugar'.
  • I used to melt when my ex called me "angel".
  • Girls like being called things like beautiful, gorgeous, pretty or cute, rather than hot, fit and hot.
  • I'm really atrocious when it comes to pet names, it starts off with hun and babe but within a few weeks, all kinds of ludicrous names.
  • I've been told girls like be called 'Princess'.