Do Girls Like Short Guys?

Do you think girls like short guys?

It's difficult to say, because there is no right or wrong answer. Here are some...
-Women generally prefer taller men, but it's not universal. There are many girls who like guys at any height.
-Whats the first thing you look at when a guy approaches you? - HEIGHT. Because I am a short guy, I will never get a girl. Any other guys know that feel?

-Short guys are so hot! Being the same height makes it possible to do complicated positions :) without being super flexible.

-Are there any girls out there that actually know what is good for them? The heart wants what it wants.
-Its a completely personal thing. I prefer short guys, even though society views tall as more attractive.
-I thought 5'4" was the average height for a female, so then you're not really that short are you? Maybe you just hang around with too many tall people.


-Girls like guys who have good personality traits, with good sense of humor and is happy with their life.
-I am 5ft and people call me Shorty. I love my height. I may be small in height but I make up for it in personality, I come across as if I am the biggest person in the world.

-I'm attracted to men who are my own height. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.
-For me, there's nothing better than a lovely looking, funny and caring compact little man.
-What I like really varies. Anyway, at the end of the day we often fall in love outside our preferences. 
-I prefer tall men, because I am tired of towering over everyone. 

-Short is no problem if it does not affect his confidence. His eyes and his smile are important, and I have a thing for deep voices. You cant tell how short someone is when theyre lying down!
-Be comfortable with yourself. I'm 5'11 Heartbreaker. Do you think height does matter in love? You are just seeking at the wrong girls, that's all.
-Tall woman like short men and short woman like tall men, it is a biological fact. 

-It's actually a good question. I think Women do like short guys. As for my likes, the most sexy body part of a man is his brain, combined with a sexy voice, combined with a nice personality... Just temper it with a bit of intrigue and you'll have a winning combination.
-How tall is Al Pacino?
-Life isn't fair, deal with it. Glad I'm average height even through both parents are short as hell.

-Who really cares what girls like? Just make yourself happy!