Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

shy guys

Shy guys or bad boys? What kind of guys do girls like?

Here are some answers...

  • I am a shy guy and I was wondering if there are girls out there that would consider a relationship with me :)
  • It's totally possible for a girl to like shy guy! We all like what we like..the HEART wants what it wants.
  • I prefer a shy guy versus an outgoing one because there's less pressure to be "cool" in front of them. You can just be yourself.
  • It depends. I think it's cute. Usually, the shy guys are more interesting to me.
  • The main thing for me is confidence though,it doesn't even have to be explicit. So as long as he is shy but quietly confident,I wouldn't mind getting to know him. If he's shy, and then opens up as you progress through the relationship/friendship. then yehhhh i find it so adorable.
  • No !
  • Some girls do, but probably the girls that like to take charge in the relationship.
  • I married a shy guy, our son is shy. It is just as interesting for some girls. The shy guys have more depth and weight. The few words they do speak are sincere.
  • If he really is SHY then hell yeah. If shy is being used as a euphemism then it depends.
  • I personally prefer shy regardless of physical attraction. But not extremely shy to a point where seems to have a social problem.
  • Yes. Send one my way, please.
  • Shy guys ARE hot! lol we should all just make a room in aim chat or something.
  • Yeah i think girls like shy guys because we are mysterious and different than the typical guy.
  • Shy guys can sometimes seem insecure which is the only reason i could see it really being unattractive. Sensitive guys can be attractive to girls, but you can't be a push over. Girls go for idiots because they are confident and know what they want.
  • That's what's great about planet Earth: you've got different personalities that can still mesh well with each other.
  • Every girl is different and some do and some dont.
  • You have to be able to have a conversation with someone, a bit shy is fine and maybe even sweet.
  • Probably just a stereotype, but I tend to like shy guys because it feels like they are more open-minded, easy going, caring people...& not too loud, rowdy, and self-centered...but that's just my experience.

  • I love shy guys. I think shy men are usually less arrogant and probably tend to be better people.
  • To be honest, this may sound brutal and sallow because it is, but generally it has to do with looks. If the guy is really cute and shy, girls will think of him as being sensitive and sweet and a gentleman, but if the guy is weird-looking, shyness is a turn off.
  • Well all girls don't like the same things in guys so no, not all guys will prefer shy or talkative guys.
  • Every person on this planet is unique and has their own sets of likes or dislikes.