What do Girls Like?

It is not always easy to understand what your girl like. It's difficult to say, that's a broad and controversial question, because just like men are all different, so are women. What do girls like in a guy? What do girls like as gifts? What do girls like to be called? What do girls like to talk about? Do girls like shy guys? Do girls like short guys? Do girls like skinny guys? There is no right or wrong answer. Here are some of those ...

What do girl like.


Most girls like a guy who can make her feel protected. What type of guy do girls like most? Genuine lover (looks are important, but not everything). Women love surprises, no ? Confidence is the most important key. Be yourself! Nothing is better than a guy who is honest and confident in the way that he speaks. A kiss at the end of the night. Why do women like kissing so much? Girls like presents, compliments, being treated like a lady, the gentleman paying... Do a little thing here and there helps keep it interesting. 3 Things. Humor, values, looks. Have fun! Spontaneity is always a win. Treat a woman like a human being and she will respond positively. Nothing turns a girl off more than when you talk to her and don't look at her. Hold open doors, hold hands, kiss playfully, smile, give her an affectionate nickname. Respect, a good listener, someone who shows up on time and a few shared interests. Girls love surprises so give her one she'll remember. It depends on the girl. Girls are not all the same person, and neither are boys! Relaxed atmosphere, lots of opportunity to talk. I generally find atypical conversation is a winner.
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