The Geneva Deception by James Twinning (Fiction)

posted 14 Apr 2010, 16:47 by DP Durlston-Powell
Backcover blurb:

A missing masterpiece. A shocking truth. An alliance signed in blood. For Lieutenant Allegra Damico, the brutal murder of a mafia enforcer offers her an unexpected opportunity to jump start her career. When the body of a senior official at a Vatican-backed bank turns up under similar conditions, it becomes clear the killings are, in fact, the opening shots of a war. In Las Vegas, former art thief Tom Kirk has agreed to help Special Agent Jennifer Browne handle the recovery of a priceless Caravaggio. The painting, stolen over forty years before, has suddenly surfaced and Jennifer is determined to recover it, but a sniper lies in wait. Tom, accused by the FBI of being involved in the shooting escapes to Italy, crossing paths with Allegra. They team up realising their cases are connected. What they uncover is a vast and powerful conspiracy stretching from the scarred fields of Italy to the marbled halls of the world's greatest museums. A conspiracy built on the graves of the dead and the blood of anyone who dares to stand in its way.

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My review:

This is a good book with a fast-paced plot that is clever enough to leave you guessing until almost the end and yet is strong enough that once the veil is lifted, you are left satisfied that the motivations, plot and outcomes all hang together well. A clear continuation of Twinning's earlier Tom Kirk books, Twinning shows that he isn't frightened of killing off a strong and well developed character; an act that increases my desire to read his titles yet to come as it leaves the door open for all sorts of plot twists without the curse of the Star Trek 'red shirt' phenomenon. What makes this plot harder to unravel than most, thereby keeping the suspense high, is Twinning's cunning in actually running 2 main plots as well as 2 far quieter third sub-plots as the reasons for the murders and other events. I spent the time trying to attribute all the actions on a single character plot and was very pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


Makes me want to read his first 2 books in the Tom Kirk series and I'll keep an eye out for Twinning's future books.