Tomorrow I intend to read...

This is the list of books that I have beside me waiting to be read - some of them waiting to be re-read.  In the listing, they are listed alphabetically by author. They are most definitely not in the order that I will read them! If you have views on any of the books listed here, please say, it could well change the order that I read them in.
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The Last Theorem Arthur C Clarke & Frederick Pohl Fiction 
Azincourt Bernard Cornwell Fiction 
Sword Song Bernard Cornwell Fiction 
Figure of Hate Bernard Knight Fiction 
The Elixir of Death Bernard Knight Fiction 
Fear in the Forest Bernard Knight Fiction 
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson Non-fiction 
Another Bloody Century Colin Gray Non-fiction 
Luck in the Greater West Damian McDonald Fiction 
The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Fiction 
Daemon Daniel Suarez Fiction 
Secret Societies David Barrett Non-fiction 
Defeat Into Victory Field Marshal Viscount Slim Non-fiction 
The Face of Battle John Keegan Non-fiction 
The Fire - The Bombing of Germany 1940-45 Jorg Friedrich Non-fiction 
A Great and Terrible King Marc Morris Non-fiction 
Generals Mark Urban Non-fiction 
Confessions of a Mullah Warrior Masood Farivar Non-fiction 
The Heretic Queen Michelle Moran Fiction 
The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli Non-fiction 
Chaos Paul Henke Fiction 
Tears Until Dawn Paul Henke Fiction 
Sanctuary Raymond Khoury Fiction 
The Harrowing Robert Dinsdale Fiction 
The Mavericks Robert Harvey Non-fiction 
The Utility of Force Rupert Smith Non-fiction 
When the Eagle Hunts Simon Scarrow Fiction 
The Eagle's Conquest Simon Scarrow Fiction 
Under The Eagle Simon Scarrow Fiction 
Out of Eden Stephen Oppenheimer Non-fiction 
Unseen Academicals Terry Pratchett Fiction 
Sword of Shame The Medieval Murderers Fiction 
The Tainted Relic The Medieval Murderers Fiction 
The Magus of Freemasonry Tobias Churton Non-fiction 
The Mind Map Book Tony & Barry Buzan Non-fiction 
Use Your Memory Tony Buzan Non-fiction 
Use Your Head Tony Buzan Non-fiction 
Showing 37 items