Today, I am reading...

I often read 2 or more books at once. Novels tend to be devoured quite quickly whilst I tend to linger over non-fiction, trying to draw out as much information as I can, allowing it to sink in before moving on.

These are the books I am currently reading; expect reviews on them shortly.

The Incredible Human Journey by Alice Roberts (Non-fiction)

posted 28 Jan 2010, 04:30 by DP Durlston-Powell   [ updated 29 Jan 2010, 09:09 ]

Backcover blurb:

We are very familiar with the idea that humans are everywhere; that wherever you go in the world you will probably find people there already. We are an unusual species in that we have near-golbal distribution. And although people around the world may look different from each other and speak different languages, they can nevertheless recognise each other as distant cousins. But where and when did our species appear? And how did people end up being everywhere? These are rephrasings of fundamental questions. Who are we? What does it mean to be human? Where do we come from?

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