Jungle Juice Plus Facts

Jungle Juice Plus Facts and Effects

Believe it or not Jungle Juice Plus was not specifically designed as a 'poppers' product and more often than not it is used as a liquid aroma or incense to add ambience to a room. Users should be warned that the use of Jungle Juice Plus as a 'popper' can result in headaches, dizziness and chest pains. Jungle Juice Plus should always be used as directed on the label - as a 'Room Odorizer', 'Liquid Incense' or 'Liquid Aroma'.
Jungle Juice Plus

and other brands of US legal liquid incense aromas use the family of nitrites as the active ingredient. This differs greatly from the Jungle Juice Plus Poppers sold in many European Countries which in fact use amyl nitrite.

The effects of breathing in the formula of Jungle Juice Plus will generally cause a relaxation of all muscles including the vagina and anus and can produce a feeling of heat and excitement for a number of minutes. Further reported effects of Jungle Juice Plus include prolonged orgasm, increased sensitivity and a general feeling of euphoria.

Jungle Juice Plus - Who uses it?

There is a perception that the primary demographic users of Jungle Juice Plus and other poppers aromas are gay men. While gay men are the majority of users a significant percentage of users are heterosexual couples looking to increase their sexual pleasure. Jungle Juice Plus is also heavily used in the club scenes by both men and women of all sexual orientations.

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