Welcome to the What About Project Wiki

Many ills will only improve if we find a convincing answer on how to accomplish things in life to which we say: „Yes! Yes, but I will do it later.“ What About wants to contribute to find convincing approaches to make sure that „later“ will come across eventually, if that intention was an honest one. 

The software version of What About intends to be a basic but powerful cognitive associate for daily to-dos and errands, routines, up to long-term goals and values.The project is in its unpolished prototype stages.  Get the source code at https://github.com/0-k/what-aboutThe current version is licensed under Apache 2.0.
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This wiki serves as a thought repository and is open to edit upon request


What does unpolished prototype stages mean? It means that this is reallllly almost nothing concrete. I have told some people about the idea and we discussed it and decided to keep working on this. This is the outcome so far. Or if Poorly Drawn Lines had to describe the state of the project: