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Penn families joined together to Dr. Gutmann's visit to Bangkok

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Wharton Club Events:

Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association

Tuesday, January 25th, 1 pm- 1:45 pm PT

Ask Me Anything- Venture Initiation Program- San Francisco (VIP-SF)

Join VIP-SF Alumnae and Irina Yuen C'90, G'96, WG'96, Director @ Venture Lab for an informative and candid conversation to learn how VIP-SF can help you grow your start up. VIP-SF is an accelerator open to University of Pennsylvania students and alumni entrepreneurs who are developing their own ventures. This four-month program runs twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. The team must have traction and the team must be based in the San Francisco/Bay Area during their time in VIP-SF.

Wharton Club of Southern California

Wednesday, January 26th, 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm PT

Wharton Women: Catalysts, Tereza Nemessanyi

Tereza Nemessanyi, C’92 G’97 WG’97 is an executive at Microsoft, responsible for senior relationships with partners and top late-stage VC and Private Equity firms with a focus on growth stage B2B ISVs. She has 20+ years global experience in technology startups, enterprise innovation, strategic partnerships, digital transformation, SAAS platforms, investor ecosystems, and C-level strategy advisory, on the ground and at scale. Join us to hear her insights and advice for entrepreneurs and why she believes board diversity is critical.

Wharton Club of Dallas-Fort Worth

Thursday, February 3rd, 12 pm- 1 pm CT

Federal Reserve Perspective on 2022 Labor, Inflation & Rates with Anoop Mishra WG'00

So much has changed - even just in the last month! We are exceptionally fortunate to have our own Ryan Morris, WG'05, CEO of First State Bank, lead us through an important and candid conversation with Anoop Mishra, WG’00, VP at the Federal Reserve of Atlanta discussing the Federal Reserve’s viewpoint on current financial trends and expectations. You may have been fortunate to hear the 2021 Economic Outlook presented by Ryan Morris last year. Now, he is turning the tables on the Federal Reserve!

Wharton Club of Charlotte

Friday, February 4th, 12 pm- 1:00 pm ET

16th Annual Economic Update

Join the Wharton Club of Charlotte for our 16th Annual Economic Update when Wells Fargo Managing Director, Senior Economist, Mark Vitner presents the current state of the economy and the key trends to look out for in 2022.

Wharton Club of Israel

Tuesday, February 8th, 6 pm- 7 pm IST

BIRD: Boosting US/Israel Innovation with non-dilutive funding

Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director of BIRD foundation will be with us on an intimate Zoom call for the club, to explain how they promote cooperation in innovation between U.S. and Israeli companies, by providing non-dilutive funding. This will be a great opportunity to learn about government support that not only brings ‘free’ cash, but also helps kickstart collaborative projects with US strategic partners.

Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association

Wednesday, February 9th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

Mental Health Innovation for Covid-Era Post-Traumatic Growth

In the COVID era, we have endured national-scale trauma. To experience widespread post-traumatic growth post-pandemic, access to mental healthcare must be greatly expanded. Yet, the mental health provider shortage is at crisis level and hampers our ability to heal. Peer support is a care modality that can fill the gap due to its broad community appeal, especially among those least likely to pursue traditional mental health care –namely marginalized identities, vulnerable populations and, yes, men. Online, on-demand 24/7 access to a national peer-to-peer support network can improve the coping and healing process of millions.

Wharton Energy Network & Wharton Alumni Angels

Thursday, February 10th, 7 pm- 8 pm ET

Intro to Climate Tech

The “Intro to Climate Tech” series aims to introduce the Wharton alumni community to the fast growing area of Climate Tech, showing you ways you can catalyze breakthrough innovations that accelerate the energy transition. Our kickoff event is a fireside chat with Jason Jacobs, founder of My Climate Journey (MCJ). Jason’s story as an entrepreneur turned community builder and investor will inspire you to embark on your own climate journey. The fireside will be moderated by Carlos Vadillo, WG’15, Vice President in the Venture Capital Group at Silicon Valley Bank and Head of Global Expansion with Wharton Alumni Angels.

Wharton Club of Southern California

Thursday, February 24th, 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm PT

Wharton Women: Catalysts, Susan Lucas-Conwell

This month, Catalysts spotlights board member and senior executive, Susan Lucas-Conwell, WG’83. With 20+ years of international leadership, Board and advisory experience, Susan is recognized for inspiring leadership, strategic thinking and a successful track record in translating innovation into growth. Join us to hear her insights and advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring board members.

Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association

Wednesday, March 9th, 12 pm ET- 1 pm ET

Should I Stay or Should I Let it Go? Accelerating Partnerships in a Pandemic

During our webinar featuring Amanda Hopkins Tirrell, WG’86, President and Founder of Hopkins Tirrell & Associates, LLC and Saria Saccocio, MD, FAAFP, MHA, we will discuss how the pandemic’s impact has affected our healthcare system and physicians in medical practice. With over 48 million reported Covid-19 cases to date in the U.S. and nearly 800K deaths reported as of December 1, physicians on the front lines have experienced tremendous stress as both clinicians and small business owners. Indeed, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated concerns about independent medical practice viability.

Wharton School Events:

Artificial Intelligence for Business Course

Available January 31st- April 4th

We are pleased to announce an alumni-exclusive, tuition-free offering of the Artificial Intelligence for Business online course. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, and how to deploy these technologies to support your organization’s strategy. Course materials will be available from January 31–April 4, 2022 (take the course at your own pace!). This session, including all discussion boards, will be limited to Wharton alumni only. You will also be invited to two, live Q&A sessions with Professor Kartik Hosanagar. Registration is $25.

Wharton Webinar: Leveraging AI to Improve Innovation and Productivity

Thursday, February 3rd, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

In this webinar, Professor Lynn Wu will examine what types of innovation AI can and cannot enable, and, will share examples of how existing firm practices would facilitate AI-based innovation.

Scale School: Perspectives on Start-Up Acquisitions

Wednesday, February 9th, 9:30 am- 10:30 am PT

The past few decades have shown a dramatic rise in start-up acquisitions, which have become the dominant channel through which ventures successfully exit. But how effective are start-up acquisitions (1) for big companies as a source of new innovation and talent and (2) for the careers of acquired founders and employees? In this session, Professor J. Daniel Kim and panelists will discuss the post-acquisition reality from the perspectives of both established companies (“acquirers”) and start-ups (“targets”). They will also share actionable observations and lessons that both parties may want to consider in the future.

Wharton Webinar: Increasing Impact: Why Good Ideas Fail, and Why Yours Don’t Need To

Thursday, February 17th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

Even smart, well-intentioned, hard-working people struggle to make a difference in their organizations. Indeed, everyone struggles with this at some point. What do we know about why this occurs? Are there patterns of beliefs and behaviors that can explain whose ideas get more traction and whose do not? Professor Cade Massey draws on 12 years of teaching and researching influence to answer these questions and to prescribe changes that can increase your impact at work.

Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets

Cohorts beginning February 28th

Join thousands of professionals in the program touted as “blockchain for Wall Street.” Led by Wharton’s Professor, Kevin Werbach and Prysm Group’s Dr. Cathy Barrera, this 6-week asynchronous online Wharton certification program highlights 80+ lecture videos, 10 industry guest speakers, 7 industry case studies, and 3 crypto valuation models. All alumni receive a 25% discount on this course! Please email nick.fecci@blockchain.wharton.upenn.edu for more information.

Wharton Webinar: Improving the Patient Care Experience and the Well-Being of Healthcare Workers

Thursday, March 3rd, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

Despite extensive improvement efforts, reports of problematic patient experiences have perturbed healthcare delivery organizations for decades, and have been growing once again since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In this session, Ingrid Nembhard, PhD, MS, Fishman Family President’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Health Care Management, will discuss the value of leveraging patient narratives –accounts of their experiences in their own words – as a critical component for desperately-needed organizational learning and quality improvement in healthcare.

University Events:

Inspiring Impact Faculty Series

Join fellow alumni, parents, and friends for a virtual exploration of the cutting-edge research and scientific exploration happening every day at Penn. Log in to the Inspiring Impact virtual event series to hear from renowned faculty from Penn Medicine, Penn Vet, the School of Social Policy and Practice, the Graduate School of Education, and more—leaders whose innovative work is moving the needle of knowledge, at home and across the globe.

  • January 26th, 12 pm ET: Social Policy, the Workforce, & the COVID Economy with Katherina M. Rosqueta, MBA Founding Executive Director, Center for High Impact Philanthropy Adjunct Faculty and Ioana E. Marinescu, PhD Associate Professor Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

  • February 10th, 4 pm ET: The Future of Higher Education

  • February 25th, 12 pm ET: Fear and Loathing and Science

  • March 14th, 12 pm ET: The Wharton School

  • April 5th, 12 pm ET: Penn Dental Medicine

Penn’s Global Discovery Faculty Lecture Series

  • February 8th, 12 pm ET: Critical Race Theory and the History of Art with Professor Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

  • March 23rd, 12 pm ET: Floating Cities are on the Horizon: A Novel Response to Climate Change and Accelerated Sea Level Rise with Professor Simon Richter

  • April 26th, 12 pm ET: Puzzled about Pronouns? With Erin Cross, Director, Penn LGBT Center

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