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Penn families joined together to Dr. Gutmann's visit to Bangkok

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Pictures from Wharton Talk March 2017

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Wharton Club Events:

Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association

Tuesday, August 9th, 9 am- 10:30 am ET

How to Give A Killer Presentation: Driving Funders and Customers To Action

You’ve probably heard the old sales adage “ABC: Always Be Closing,” now it’s time to learn the importance of “ABO: Always Be Opening.” It’s not enough to be the best, to have the best product or service, and hope funders and customers find you. You have to deliver a compelling story that DRIVES them to invest in your endeavor and/or to buy your products/services. Why? Because people buy YOU first, your company/product/service second. And if they don’t buy you during a business first impression, like a presentation, they won’t even glance at your business, even if it’s the next best thing. In a world where dreams are crushed, souls are forgotten, and rust never sleeps, Josh Zepess (the Identity Archaeologist) is on a mission to ensure talented solopreneurs turn every business first impression into a second impression (where the sale happens!) by raising their ROC - Return on Conversation - so they can profit more without grinding more.

Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association

Wednesday, August 10th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

The Power of Gratitude

Former President Barack Obama once said, “Organizing humans to do big things globally is always hard.” However, gratitude – as a core value in healthcare – can help achieve big things such as generating more prosocial behaviors, increasing well-being across the lifespan, stronger ties to your communities and a positive moral effect on humankind. This program offers an overview of the power and science of gratitude and the significant impact it can have in your organization. And it starts with one person, you. Our featured speaker is Linda Roszak Burton, ACC, BBC, BS, Founder, Managing Partner of DRW, Inc., a leadership development and executive coaching firm.

Wharton Club of Southern California

Wednesday, August 31st, 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm PT

Wharton Women: Catalysts, Secil Tabli Watson, WG’97

This month, Catalysts spotlights Secil Tabli Watson, WG’97, who sits on several public and private boards, and leverages her prior experience as a senior Wells Fargo executive, where she transformed digital banking and oversaw payments innovations, to catalyze her environment. Join us to hear her insights and advice - it's sure to be a terrific conversation!

Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association

Wednesday, September 14th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET

Shifting the Care Model: How AI-Driven Proactive Care is Saving Lives, Lowering Costs and Changing How We Treat Patients

Join us to hear from featured speaker, Dr. Kira Radinsky, CEO, Diagnostic Robotics. In recent years, healthcare payers have started integrating AI-powered solutions into their existing systems. From effective triage to accurate intervention matching, these solutions are slashing administrative burdens, massively reducing the cost of care, improving patient experiences, and saving lives. AI-powered solutions have shown to be particularly effective in proactively identifying individual members at risk of becoming cost-bloomers and through combining claims-based methods with historical data on intervention outcomes and learning over time, we are ensuring members are matched with the most appropriate interventions, cutting costs and saving lives.

Wharton School Events:

Wharton Interactive Entrepreneurship Game

Multiple Dates

In partnership with Wharton Interactive, Lifelong Learning is excited to extend a 50 percent discount to colleagues, friends, and family of Wharton Alumni interested in participating in a breakthrough games-based Certificate Level Course, Entrepreneurship Strategy this summer. With this Wharton Alumni team discount, you can build your own team of three to six participants, all of whom can take advantage of the discount. Together, your team will learn critical entrepreneurship skills by running a fictitious, high-growth startup on Wharton Interactive’s award-winning Alternate Reality Course (ARC) platform. Each participant must enroll themselves and enter the promo code WHARTONFRIENDS to take advantage of the 50 percent discount. There are two enrollment options: a 3-day Intensive (August 16- 18) or a 2-week course (August 9- August 18). All team members should enter the team name and select the same live session time when prompted during the enrollment process. Do not have a team but still want to enroll? No problem! Enroll using the same promo code to get the discount.


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