Tweets About Canoes

i had fun flipping off the canoe and almost drowing plus losing my flip flops. coming home tomorrow. i barely have service right now.about 3 hours ago from txt  Due to the biblical rains in Hertfordshire, it's taken twice as long to get home. A canoe would have been better than a car.about 3 hours ago from web  just got back from my huron river canoe excursion. had a very outdoorsy day, but launching is impossible from any metroparks. water too highabout 4 hours ago from web   Going fishing on a canoe, its beautiful outside what's everyone else doingabout 4 hours ago from UberTwitter  I survived being in a canoe on the Ohio river... My arms are going 2 be sore tomorrow though! Eek!about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry  so i lost my flip flops because jackass justin decided to flip the canoe.about 4 hours ago from txt  Jus saw a canoe fly off of someone's truck and almost hit a car and almost did a domino effect type of accident in rt 1! Wow wutta dummy!about 5 hours ago from UberTwitter  So a horse-lead carriage with a canoe strapped to the top just trotted past my house...very random.about 5 hours ago from digsby  After crepes for b-fast, now at swim lessons learning how to handle a capsized canoe.about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck  Was on a canoe trip all day, now enjoying an absinthe and then off to Fiskebar in Copenhagen Meat district #summerabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck  you need a few for safty esp if u capsize can be scary upside down in canoe under the waterabout 7 hours ago from web  On the lake in the canoe with the kids. Making memories. No rain for now!about 7 hours ago from mobile web  marie is pissing me off... may drown her on the canoe tripabout 7 hours ago from mobile web  Bruised and beaten before I ever get on the river. Will the canoe flip today?about 7 hours ago from web  we are two indians in the same canoe4 minutes ago from txt  On a canoe watching my friend bub jump off a bridge . Sweet19 minutes ago from txt  just portaged canoe 4 what felt like a million miles, sittin in the middle of no where waitin 4 death. Its like a movie.. my life is unreal.21 minutes ago from TwitterBerry