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Field Trip Map

View Field Trip Test in a larger map
Here is the Map that we collaborated on. 
If you have trouble seeing all the markers, keep clicking on the minus sign to zoom out.  Or, you can click on the "View Field Trip Test in larger map" link right below the map.
Click on Ter for terrain view and Sat for satellite view.
You can either insert or embed a map into your site.
The easiest way is to Insert.  You can do this if you have created the map in Google Maps and have saved it under My Maps. 
To Insert:  You need to be on a page in Edit mode.  Click on the Insert drop down menu, click maps.  You'll get another box, click My Maps.  A box will open with a list of maps you have created.  Highlight the one you want, click select, and save.
To Embed:  You will need to do this if it is a map that have not created yourself.  go to Google maps, select the map you wish to embed.  Click on "link" and you will get a drop down menu.  You will have a choice of paste link or paste HTML.  Choose the html.  Copy the link.   Go to the page in your Google site where you wish to embed the map.  Be sure you are in Edit mode.  Place cursor on page where you want the map to appear Click on the HTML icon on the tool bar. A box will appear where you paste the HTML code.  Click update.  Click save and close.
 If these instructions are not clear, please let me know in the comments below!