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September 23 Session Assignment:

1. Create a page on your Google Site called "USE-IT"
2. Insert images, video, text, links, etc. that demonstrate the integration of 21st century skills in YOUR classroom.

October 21 Session Assignment:
1. On your Google Site, under your "USE-IT" page, describe how you plan on using your Flip Cam in your classroom.
December 16 Session Assignment:
1. Work on your Google Site...happy holidays!
January 13 Session Assignment:
1. Upload a file into GoogleDocs
2. Share it with
February 17 Session Assignment:

1. Add WGTE Public Media to your PLN.

2. Add two additional resources to your PLN.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world with your students, where would it be?

March 24 Session Assignment:

1. Groups of 3 or more

2. Create one Google Doc to collaborate on

3. What technology have you have used in your classroom and tell us how you have used it specifically in your science curriculum

4. What technology have you not tried but want to? What ideas do you have for use in your science curriculum?

5. Scariest thing about technology?