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21st Century Learning Resources

The P21 Framework

Ohio was just announced as being the 14th state to join the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.  As a P21 Leadership State, Ohio has committed to, within the next three years:
ensuring every educator participates in at least one significant professional development program   focused on integrating 21st  century skills into content;
updating state standards to reflect a combination of skills and content; and,
developing and introducing one significant assessment of 21st century skills.
The PowerPt presented at the October 22 USE-IT session can be found on the main USE-IT page and spotlights the Keystone (Content Areas and 21st century skills), Student Outcomes and Support Systems in the diagram above

Check out the videos below to gain an understanding of what 21st century learning looks like in K-12 classrooms:

The Council on 21st Century Learning - Colorado Public Schools - Promising Practices
21st Century Learning - How Do We Get There?

YouTube Video

Teaching Teachers to Teach 21st Century Learners

Teaching Teachers to Teach 21st Century Learners