Linking & Grouping Objects

Linking Objects

You can link objects in your Notebook file to:


            Other Files in Your Computer

            Other Pages within your Notebook File



  1. Highlight the Object
  2. Click the Drop-down Menu
  3. Click “Link”
  4. Choose what you would like to link the Object to
  5. Select “Corner Icon” (Globe for WWW, Paper Clip for File, Speaker for Sound) or “Object”


Tip from Steve:  If linking to another Page in your Notebook file, be sure to link another object in the new page back to your original page.


Grouping/Ungrouping Items

  1. Highlight the items that you would like to Group by clicking and dragging your cursor over all of the items
  2. Click the Drop-down Menu
  3. Click “Grouping”
  4. Click “Group” or “Ungroup”