Crossley Built Single and Double Shaft  Otto Langen Engines

Crossley Brothers bought the rights to manufacture Otto and Langen's engine in England.  Production started in 1869 and continued until about 1877 with a total production not exceeding 1500 units

Serial Number   1

Horse Power 1/2 HP

Year  1869 ?

Current Location - Anson Museum ( on Loan from the London Science Museum)

 This engine is the very first engine Crossley built and is owned by the London Science Museum It appears to be complete and close to running condition.  Note: currently at the Anson Engine Museum.






Serial Number   ?

Horse Power ?

Year  ?

Current Location - Anson Museum (on loan from museum in Birmingham)

There is no known history on this engine.  The Flywheel  however is a replacement.




Serial Number   487

Horse Power 1/2

Year  ?

Current Location  - Royal Scottish Museum 

 No Information 




Serial Number   641

Horse Power 2

Year  1873?

Current Location  - Henry Ford Museum


 The History of this engine is not known












Serial Number   1224

Horse Power 1

Year  1875 ?

Current Location  - N. W. Museum of Science and Technology Manchester

 This engine is a very nice single shaft model and is run at regular intervals by the museum




Serial Number   1403

Horse Power 2

Year  1877 ?

Current Location  - Anson Engine Museum

This is located at the Anson Engine Museum and is in operational condition 


Engine being started at the Anson Museum




Serial Number   974

Horse Power 1 ?

Year   ?

Current Location  - Powerhouse museum in Sydney, Australia


This engine is owned by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia



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