Composer/Pianist/Musical Director
My compositions include symphonic writing, film scores, chamber music, and many other uncategorizable pieces. 
I graduated  from Manhattan School of Music with a Bachelor's Degree in Composition in 1986. 

Gregory Nissen  from Marc Enette on Vimeo.

As a free-lancer, I've played thousands of dance classes, Off-Broadway rehearsals and performances, church services, and voice lessons. 

 To reach me directly, please call 718 720-2924, or use artscircle@hotmail.com

 The Mandala Maker

The cast of "TRUE ARTISTS"  Scenes from the life of Beethoven, written & directed by W. G. Nissen. 



                    The NY Music & Theater 
                INVENTION COMPANY
                                             to announce new dates for our script-reading sessions:


     Playwrights will bring whatever scripts they're working on, and you'll get a chance at reading for various different roles, including musical theater.  

     Musicians are also encouraged to be a part of these read-throughs.  Please take advantage of this company's particular purposes:


    1)  To make it easier to hear new work read, and to give feedback to improve the work. 


    2)  To give actors an opportunity to connect with playwrights and try out various characters, in rehearsal and in production.  


    3)  To emphasize pieces that feature innovative combinations of acting and music, and other arts.


    4)  To be a support for anyone who wants to refine their creative process.



  You can shape The Invention Company in a direction that will benefit you. There's no need for you to wait around for an agent, a director, an investor, a grant or a windfall! The Invention Company creates a context in which you can function as playwright, director, actor, publicist....

Some of you were present when "True Artists" (the Beethoven play) was  read at one of our meetings last December. In the mean time, I think we achieved some things we could really take pride in --  a fully staged, well-costumed, extensively rehearsed show, with a big cast, and near sell-out houses.  We graduated from script reading/feedback/rewriting, to fund-raising/auditioning/casting, and on to rehearsal/publicity/production.c