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I have always been the homeboy type and preferred to watch the festivities on the boob tube. Yes, I still have the boob tube but thats not the point. This year, I gathered all my courage and brazed the streets last January 21 for the Grande Parade of Sinulog. A few glitches (including my camera conking up, and the almost-stampede experience) were met that day, yet still, i came up with a couple of pics which I think deserved to be shared. Please indulge me on this one. Enjoy!
ex.per.i.ment  I have always wanted to capture stills via the old-fashioned Analog SLR way. So when presented with the chance, I had to immediately grab the opportunity. Crash-course on the basic operations of the SLR, purchased a film, and Voila! The ultimate shutterbug high.
Our Datebook - The Ross Jelynn Mini Prenup Shoot. Jelynn  and Ross' prenup shot on location in Astoria Plaza. Styling by Wagne (whoever that is). Its always fun doing prenups especially when the couple you are working with are friends of yours. Cheers cheers to Jelynn and Ross. All the best.
Shoot Series Episode 3 Volume 1 - Character.I went to Cebu tagging along with my friends at MOVE. While they were busy with the Auditions there I was busy unwinding and just easing three days and two nights there. A shoot was scheduled on a Sunday which promised to be a shutterbug's clicking spree. Here is the first installment of the said episode in the shoot series. This one we call Character, Defining one's self through Dance and Fashion. Watch out for more on this shoot series.

The Ultimate Balai Experience. I went back to San Juan, Batangas just 5 days after the sequel shoot below with friends - Ailyn, Nat, Mhke and Maan. Roadtrip and kulitan in a whole new level, we spelled FUN out in a new way. Enjoy enjoy...

We got hitched 2days after our 7th year itch (the sequel). The promise of sumptuous lunch, pristine beach and an overzealous back-packer made me commute and head for the ever-so-far San Juan where these two newly-weds have spent the night with. No, I did not crash their honeymoon, they invited me over the day after their honeymoon. I just had to clear the air. Enjoy enjoy...
The getting hitched before the 7-Year Itch preNup book. For those who haven's seen the book yet... Tara and Pinoy got hitched on their 7th year anniversary and yours truly is super glad to do their preNup book. Enjoy enjoy...

Manila, views from the top. When I moved in to my place (not so new anymore) a few years ago, I have always found momentary peace of mind when I head to the rooftop and just stand there and see how small the everything is. Here are chosen shots I have collected from quite a period of time already (and some more to come, maybe!).

For I have always wanted to chronicle Cebu so one time I hit the plane, stepped on Cebu grounds and just clicked clicked clicked. Here goes three of the sites I so love and I do hope you like it.

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 presents Renee Salud and Shannon Pamaong. Shot during the runway collection presentation of Renee Salud and Shannon Pamaong at the Philippine Fashion Week, Holiday 2009. Produced by Runway Productions, Inc and co-presented by Esac, Mode+L, SMX and BDO. Thanks to Lynn Tan for sharing her extra Pass.

Coming of Age. Shot on Location at Quezon City on 04.25.2009. Collaborative Photography of Wayne Conales and Derrick Plurad. Make-up and Hair done by Sheila Tibay.

Street Stripes. Shot on Location at Quezon City on 04.25.2009. Collaborative Photography of Wayne Conales and Derrick Plurad. Make-up and Hair done by Sheila Tibay.

PY Fun Shots. Shot on Location at Cuerdas, Pasig on 04.30.2009. Thea, Jon, Jessy, Pete and Paul gamely did their thing making it a successful fun shot.

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