West Georgia
Mounted Search and Rescue
 Serving the following Counties of West Georgia: Carroll, Douglas, Heard Counties and surrounding areas.
WGMSAR held their 1st annual fundraiser on Sept 29-30, 2012 during the McIntosh Fall Festival.  We were able to provide horse rides for the crowd and in the process made over $700.00 toward the purchase of our communication system.  There was a great deal of dedicated members who provided not only their time and horses but their friendliness toward those children that wanted to experience the thrill of riding a horse.  Some of those children had never ridden a horse and you could see the thrill in their eyes.  These children and others persons are the reason that WGMSAR volunteers to help with local authorities when one of them is lost or missing.  We would like to thank the Carroll County Parks Department for including us in their festival and hope to make this an annual event.  Thanks to all that assisted.


During the last several months we have assisted the Carroll County Law Enforcement agencies in a search for a lost person.  We helped in locating a 49 year old male adult in May of this year and again on the same individual in September.  It makes all this training worthwhile when we have a happy ending and all are returned home safely.

Thanks to all those that helped in these searches and on such short notice.

Thanks to everyone for all your help in seeing that we succeed in our mission and that our efforts may just save a live.

Norm Brazel




“The primary mission of West Georgia Mounted Search and Rescue is to train, educate and maintain a dedicated volunteer unit that will aid and assist Law Enforcement and Emergency Services of West Georgia in locating lost persons, disaster coordination and any other areas where search assistance is needed."



Principally volunteer units exist in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Iceland.

In the United States, many counties have specially deputized, usually volunteer, mounted search and rescue groups. Some of these groups date from World War II.  Across the United States, SAR groups are in the process of organizing themselves into associations, usually within states. Formal guidelines for MSAR have been established in several states: California, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, and Virginia.



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