It began as a bold idea:

 Where no boundary could be seen,

  no boundary should be…


In June 1932, a group of Rotarians from Alberta, Canada, and Montana, USA, made history when they convinced their respective national governments to create the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, an enduring symbol of friendship and the model for peace parks worldwide.
Authorized by the U.S. Congress and Canada's Parliament, the peace park designation combines the 203-square-mile Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada with the 1,600-square-mile Glacier National Park in the United States. The arrangement allows both national parks to operate as separate entities under the peace park mantle. Each September, the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park Association (WGIPPA) hosts a goodwill gathering at the peace park. In even years, Rotarians from nearly 150 clubs within the three districts meet on the U.S. side, and in odd years on the Canadian side.
"Hands Across the Border Ceremony"
2002 Waterton-Glacier Peace Park Assembly
East Glacier, Montana

During this ceremony, the following is proclaimed by all Canadian and American Rotarians in attendance:


“In the name of God we will not take up arms against each other. We will work for peace: maintain liberty: strive for freedom: and demand equal opportunities for all mankind. May the long existing peace between our two nations stimulate other people to follow this example.”