Where and When Do We Meet?

We meet once a month during your lunch period in the Distance Learning Room (DLR) which is room c213. On occasion, we will meet after school during interaction time to help organize events. A schedule of our meetings can events can be found here.

Who Is Eligible To Join?

Any student currently enrolled at West Genesee High School is eligible to join R2. If you are interested in participating, simply attend one of our meetings or visit the Assistant Principal's office to let Mrs. Battaglia or Mrs. Moore know that you are interested.

What Types of Activities Does R2 Do?

We participate in many community activities mostly focused on building community and improving West Genesee High School for ALL members of our school community (students, staff, and parents). We help to organize or run activities like the Race for Respect, Unity Day, Mix-It-Up Day, Community Movie Nights, and more. We are also always looking for more things to help promote positive change in our community. For a full list of our activities, please visit here.