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Music Student Expectations


Working Together

·         Attend sessions regularly and on time

·         Listen to each other

·         Play your part/instrument

·         Work together as a group to achieve common goal such as end-of-term concert

Giving our Best

·         Do your best in each session

·         Perform your best in concerts

·         Make sure you listen to instructions and do your best to practise techniques and play your instrument

Honest and Fair

·         Make sure you ask the teacher if you do not understand something or you are unable to attend

·         Make sure you tell the teacher or your peers if there are any issues or anything is bothering you

·         Make sure you tell the teacher and also challenge your peer if you think your peer is behaving inappropriately

Showing Respect

·         Listen to the teacher when he/she gives instructions

·         Listen to your peers

·         Make sure you are not playing your instrument when the teacher is talking

·         Put your phones away and switch them off during rehearsals and performances

·         Take care of the instruments and equipment in the classroom and during performances

·         Don’t talk or make sounds if your peer is performing and you are waiting and listening