Music Theory

Use the following music theory sites to help you study music theory, especially in preparation for the external examinations:
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Music theory resource Music theory site 
Music theory resource Musical Symbols Chart 
Music theory resource Rhythm and Syncopation 
Music theory resource Musical Form 
Music theory resource Elements of Music 
Music theory resource Compositional Devices 
Music theory resource Transposition 
Music theory resource Intervals 
Music theory resource Roman Numeral Chords 
Music theory resource Chord Symbols 
Music theory resource Textures of Music 
Music theory resource Scales, Key Signatures and Cycle of Fifths 
Music theory resource Modulation 
Music theory resource Figured Bass 
Music theory resource Cadences 
Music theory resource Music theory site 
Music theory resource Music theory and history site 
Music theory resource Music theory site 
Music theory resource Non harmonic notes 
Music theory resource How to harmonise in 4 parts 
Music theory resource The Contemporary Music Course User: wghs123; Password: wghs654 
Music theory resource Trinity College Music Theory Grades 
Music theory resource ABRSM Music Theory exercises ABRSM Music Theory Grades 
Music composition software Orchestral Samples  
Music theory resource Trinity Aural Tests 
Music theory resource Trinity Music Theory Papers 
Music history History of Western Music Music history 
Music history Brief history of Western Music Music history 
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