Commodore's Cup Celebrations

Commodore's Cup Race and 40th Annual Dinner Celebrations

First Club Commodore at 40th Anniversary Race

It was entirely appropriate that the first-ever Commodore of the club, Derek Dewey-Leader (1973),   should be at Stanborough Lake for the 40th Anniversary  Commodore’s Cup event on October 19, but he wasn’t allowed to swan around as guest of honour ...     Commodore Pete, who had invited him,  pressed  Derek  into action as an honorary AOD and the pair of them were soon hard at work in the race hut ‘cooking the books’ in time-honoured fashion.  Derek appeared to enjoy the experience,  and he even managed to find time to take a fantastic black-and-white photo at the start of the second race.  He later presented a large framed version of this pic to the club at the Commodore’s Cup dinner as a keepsake of the occasion.

Derek’s super record shot of the start of the second race

Annette Walter wins Commodore’s Cup 2013

Commodore Pete writes: “The weather for 19 October promised a reasonable wind from SSW, which is an OK direction, allowing a decent beat from mark 3 to mark 6.  On the day, the wind was from the right direction, but rather light and patchy, and the fast boats only managed 4 laps in the hour. The second race had a shorter course, but the wind dropped so they still only managed 4 laps.

“Nineteen boats turned out with a PY range from the Gull at 1363 to the Phantom at 1012, creating a headache for me, the OOD.  The usual contenders came to the top. In the 2 races. Annette Walter had a 1st and 3rd, Peter Edel had two 2nd places, and Julian Gunnel had a 1st and 4th.  As Annette and Peter both scored 4 points, to separate them we added their times for the two races. Amazingly they were absolutely equal!   The next step is to compare their best results, so Annette won the event with her 1st place.”

Annette wins the Commodore’s Cup and some bubbly 


It was a close call,  but Peter Edel was eventually placed 2nd

Photo-call before the racing started


A gathering of Commodores, past and present, with Derek Dewey-Leader (2nd from right)

Super Evening to Celebrate 40 Years

Some 60 or so Wellys from past and present turned out to celebrate the club’s 40th anniversary at the Annual Dinner following the Commodore’s Cup.  The gathering included eight Commodores: Derek Dewey-Leader (1973), John Pike (1991), Frank Puranik (1994), Charles Adams (1997), Dave Campbell (2000), Tim Browning (2006), Shaun Smale (2009) and Peter Thornley (2013).  Unfortunately Brian Cardinal (1988) had been forced to cancel at the last minute due to a catastrophic injury to his knee which occurred just the week before.  

L-R, Dave, Shaun, Derek, Peter, Tim, Frank, John, Charles

To set the scene, the dining room had been “dressed overall” with ruby red balloons and flower centrepiece on the tables, and there was also a static photo display of pics from the four decades the club has been in existence. 

Host for the evening was Commodore Pete Thornley and he invited the club’s founder, Derek Dewey-Leader, to join him in ceremoniously cutting the 40th Anniversary cake before the meal began.  Derek later entertained us with anecdotes about the early days of the club as well as some hilarious true stories of his own.  He was followed by Frank Puranik, Commodore in the 21st year, who told of the club’s first efforts at creating a website and how his frustration with the Laser dinghy led him to design the Supernova.  Finally, Val Newton proposed a Toast to the Club which highlighted 2013 sailing triumphs by Barry Leake, Annabel Cattermole, Alastair Luxford and Pauline Shaw,  as well as the club’s much praised friendliness to all comers.

Thanks were given to Sheila Stowe for organising the evening, to John and Victoria McDermott for compiling a great table quiz, and to Richard and Rachel Bull for running the raffle.

Concluding the evening, Race Officer Phil Walter announced the winners ( Full Results in our Race Results Section here)

Spring Handicap Series

       Fast Fleet
First         Peter Edel
Second    Roger Morse
Third        Julian Gunnel

Slow Fleet
First         Annette Walter
Second    Peter Thornley
Third        Phil Walter

Summer Handicap Series

    Fast Fleet
First         Julian Gunnel
Second    Peter Edel
Third        Val Newton

    Slow Fleet
First         Annette Walter
Second    Sheila Stowe
Third        Peter Thornley

Spring-Summer Pursuit Series
First        Annette Walter
Second    Peter Edel
Third        Julian Gunnel


Main trophy winners: Roger Morse, Annette Walter and Julian Gunnel


40th Anniversary Commodore's Cup Photoalbum 19 October 2013 by Val

40th Anniversary Dinner Photoalbum 19 Oct 13 by Val

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