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Wanda Barloon & Robyn Wolters are 2018 Match Play Tournament Champs

posted Aug 27, 2018, 1:37 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Aug 28, 2018, 3:17 PM ]

By Wanda Barloon:  
We played at Kingswood with an 11:32 tee time. We struck early and hard. We were up by 6 ( I think) by the end of nine. They won 10 and 11 ( Lisa had a beautiful long birdie putt). Robyn won 12. Tied 13 so
match was dormie. Lisa won 14. Tied 15 so we won 4 & 3. It was a team effort, Robyn and I "ham&egged" really well. Elaine and Lisa were great to play with. They could not have been nicer. We were all happy to get out of the heat and humidity and enjoy a cold one at Papa Mikes. 
First time we had spectators, Biddy, Marianne, Ron and Mike (our husbands) watched the whole thing. Ellen and Patty saw a bit too. Talk about making me nervous. I never concentrated so hard in my life. If it takes that much concentration to play well, I'll settle with a mediocre game. I was exhausted.



Twyman/Vines win the Birdie Fest over Kidd/Crow

posted Jul 24, 2018, 9:48 AM by Susan Nuttall

By: Elaine Twyman
Lisa and I won our match today (July 23rd)  against Gail and Bonnie 2 & 1. 

It was a great day on Kingswood, cooler temps and a nice breeze and a fairly empty course, except for the occasional single we would let play through. After the first nine, Lisa and Elaine were 2 up. Then the birdies started flying. First Bonnie on #11, then Lisa on #12, Gail on #13 which made Gail and Bonnie only one down. Lisa won #14 a par. Then Gail won #15. So much back and forth you would have thought it was a tennis match!!! #16 Lisa sunk a putt for par to win the hole!!! 2up with 2 to play, doorme!!! Hole #17 Elaine flew her bunker shot across the green and back in the rough but chipped in for par. Gail's birdie putt came up 1/2" short so the match was over. It was a great day to spend with friends and play some golf!!

Purple Reigns! Marilyn Fabits and Jean Meadows Win Consolation Bracket

posted Jul 20, 2018, 1:48 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Jul 20, 2018, 2:37 PM by Sue Jacobson ]

Marilyn Fabits and Jean Meadows arrived at Kingswood Friday morning ready to tackle the consolation bracket against Mary Bendickson and Elaine Wolfe. Elaine said, “I didn’t know we were to dress up,” as she saw the coordinated skorts and golf shirts. Marilyn and Jean said, “Purple reigns. We’re in our match play madness outfits.”
Marilyn and Jean took the first hole, #18, followed by a couple of “pushes.” Fourth hole, Mary nailed a gorgeous birdie. Marilyn and Jean said enough of this and went up three.
Then Mary and Elaine went hunting for birdies and did they ever find them. Back to all-squared, but Marilyn and Jean rehydrated and had some snacks. Before Mary and Elaine knew it, Marilyn and Jean were up three with two to play after 16 holes.
Because of the triple-digit heat index, all agreed Papa Mike’s sounded more refreshing than another shade tree that provided no breeze.
Once inside,  all four shared their love of golf and all the friends the game brings forth. They even reminisced about 7-20-1969, the day 49 years ago when the astronauts walked on the moon.
What a match! Marilyn and Jean are walking on the moon with a win over two of the nicest and kindest ladies in the club. But purple reigns.

Barloon/Wolters win the Bella Vista Marathon over Garris /Meyer

posted Jul 17, 2018, 6:23 PM by Susan Nuttall

From Wanda Barloon

Gail, Marylin, Robyn and I played our match. We started on July 6th played 9 holes and left the course due to
lightening. We waited it out and played 3 more when the skies opened and drenched us.

At this point it was all square with each of us having won a hole. We decided to finish another day (today). It was no surprise to us that a front came through again. Lucky for us it was over by 4:30 and we went out to play with low 80 temps. Nice.

Robyn & I won, up by 2 with 1 hole to play. The match was dormie when we reached #17. My tee shot was about 12 feet from the pin and Gail sticks one 6 feet. I was totally shocked when my putt went in. Gail sunk hers to tie the hole. So, Robyn and I won the match. What a finish, 2 birdies! Despite the rain and delays, we enjoyed the match and had a great time.

Bendickson/Wolfe win over Barton/Roberts

posted Jun 12, 2018, 5:33 PM by Susan Nuttall

On this rainy Tuesday morning at BVCC, there was a train wreck!! The name of that train is “The Wolfe Express”!! 
With 11 strokes off Roberts, Wolfe won 6 Holes on the front side and only used 2 of those strokes. Mary picked up the other 2 wins on the front side! Barton/Roberts went to the back nine 8 down!! 
Barton/Roberts picked up wins with par and birdie on Holes #10 & #11. Now only 6 down (woo hoo). The “Wolfe Express” rolled on through #12 with par and a pop to put the game away at 7 & 6!! Congratulations to Mary and Elaine!!


Barton/Roberts defeat Lamar/Brashears 2& 1 at Country Club

posted Jun 5, 2018, 7:11 AM by BV WGC   [ updated Jun 5, 2018, 7:20 AM ]

By: Linda Roberts

It was a beautiful day at the Country Club for the first Consolation Round match between Barton/Roberts and Lamar/Brashears. I really felt sorry and
 worried about Karen, because of her bad back.
Don’t think she had played in a couple of weeks. That is, until I saw her hit her first
shot!!! Rest is good for a bad back and your golf game!! However, Barton got off to a good start on #1 with a par & a pop.

against pars from Lamar/Brashears. Lamar came back to win #2 with par, and #4 with par. Barton made par on #5 with par and pop. Roberts hadn’t shown up yet!! But, here she comes with par on #6 to win the hole. Lamar/Brashears won #7 & 8 with pars. Went into the back nine with Lamar/Brashears 1 up. Roberts finally woke up and birdied #10, and par on #11, to win the holes. But,
Brashears birdied #14 to win the hole and tie the match. Barton won #16 with par, to go 1 up. Roberts birdied #17 to win the hole and match 2&1. WHEW!!! A tough match, but loved playing with my
good friends, and we are still good friends, I hope!!!


2018 Dates of Play

posted Jun 3, 2018, 6:58 AM by BV WGC

The dates of play for 2018 are:

Round 1 May 3-24
Round 2 May 24-June 14
Round 3 June 14-July 5
Round 4 July 5-July 26
Round 5 July 26-August 16

Crabtree and Smith 'rain' over Meadows & Fabits in an 18-hole 2 day duel

posted May 22, 2018, 5:58 AM by Susan Nuttall

From: Peggy Crabtree
Linda Smith & I managed a win of our match today over Jean Meadow and Marilyn Fabits. Jean & Marylin were tough opponents! 

We started the match a week ago and were rained out on the 14th hole. We noted (actually marked) where our balls were laying and left the course in a downpour! Don't remember much about a week ago, except Jean made a beautiful birdie on #11! 

When we marked our balls last week, we were one up with 4 1/2 to play! #14 thru #17 we tied, leaving us 1 up with 1 to play. Marylin hit a nice drive down the middle of the fairway, but it was a chip for a gimme putt, plus a pop, that won the 18th for us. Company was great and we all enjoyed the match!

The 'Steckel Show' was unleashed! Kimmel & Steckel 1 up

posted May 15, 2018, 11:44 AM by Susan Nuttall

From: Linda Roberts
Even though Barton & Roberts had their best rounds of the year,  77 & 76, Kimmel and Steckel won 1 up.
Kimmel and Steckel both played very well, but it was the “Steckel Show”.  With 8 strokes against Roberts,
Steckel won the first hole with a 4 and a pop against Roberts’s par.  Then, won holes 4, 5 & 6 with pars and pops against Barton/Roberts pars.  Barton won #7 with par, and Roberts won #10 with birdie.  Barton won #11 with par and Kimmel tied #12 and #13 with par.  Barton won #14 with par, and Steckel made a long putt on #15 to tie with par. Kimmel made putt on #16 to tie Barton/Roberts with par.  Kimmel/Steckel went to #18 1-up.  Steckel made
bogey with a pop to tie the hole, and win 1-up.  Congratulations to Kimmel and Steckel, and to Steckel for  shooting
37 on the front nine at Kingswood.    And a side note,  Flo told me that the last time she played with me, she had
her best round ever!!  Well, I told Flo the next time we play together, she has to be my partner!! 
A fun day and Congratulations to Claudia and Flo!!!

Wild Women Throw it DOWN at 2018 Bracket Party

posted May 5, 2018, 4:53 PM by BV WGC   [ updated May 5, 2018, 5:02 PM ]

To see the pictures, click here.
May 3rd was the official kickoff for the WGC Match Play Tournament.  On a dreary, rainy day more than 20 wild women
 gathered at Elaine Wolfe's home to witness the creation of this year's brackets.  First, the group feasted on goodies brought by members of the Special Events Committee and other volunteers.  The extra calories brought the group to a fevered pitch.

Claudia Kimmel and Jan Holm tried to bring order, to no avail.  The bracket includes a winner's and consolation bracket.  The participating teams were divided into 2 equal groups based on handicaps and teams were drawn from the hat.  There was a not so subtle offer to trade pops for a BYE -- not sure if that deal was ever consummated.  The first round must be played by May 23rd.  Winners advance to the second round and the losers move to the Consolation Bracket.  The tournament will wrap up sometime in July.

It was a great way to spend an afternoon with friends while the lightning struck and the thunder roared.  Thanks so much to Elaine for her hospitality.

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