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2019 Spring Brunch

posted Mar 29, 2019, 1:13 PM by BV WGC   [ updated Mar 31, 2019, 3:16 PM ]
We were rocking and rolling at our annual Spring Brunch on Thursday, March 28th at Riorden Hall.  Major sponsors Darrin Hewitt from Edward Jones and Carolyn Grieve from Arvest were able to join us.  Papa Mike's served up a delicious brunch!  Keith Ihms spoke to us about the importance of caring for our courses.  Darryl Muldoon spoke to the importance of communications.  If you ever have a problem, be sure to contact the Golf Office!

President Ellen Shelley opened the club's business meeting as minutes and treasurer's reports were approved.  Ellen thanked award winning POA Merchandising Manager (and new member) Leslie Terry for offering this year's logo wear.  Our Special Tournaments Chairs, Amy Parker and Laurie Pike, spoke about the Match Play Madness event beginning on April 25th.  Everyone is encouraged to find a partner and enjoy the fun!!!

Vice President Ronnie Nelson presented the 2019 Handbook.  Be sure to read it this year as there are many USGA rules changes as well as changes in procedures due to the use of the Golf Software program.  Deb Metz did another terrific job putting the Handbook together over the course of the winter.
The WGC also welcomed 13 new and former members to the club ... the line of Big and Little Sisters stretched all the way across the Hall!  We even have a mother-daughter combo which joined the club this year!!!

The big winners of the day were Brenda Dandy and Betty Gilliland.  Brenda won the 50-50 raffle and received over $100!  Betty won the lovely WGC golf bag raffle!!!

Many thanks to the social committee for all their work in putting together (and taking down) our lovely brunch.  We would especially like to thank Social Committee chairs Penny Williams and Bonnie Crow.