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How to Sign In To Sign Up

posted Aug 28, 2018, 3:49 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Mar 15, 2019, 2:25 PM by Sue Jacobson ]
The diagram below explains the process to Sign In to the Golf Software to Sign Up to play.  

Click Here for a printable copy which also includes information on downloading the GolfSoftware app to your smart device.  There are also instructions on how to remove yourself from a tournament and how to change other settings in the app (such as your password).

Following information was originally included in this post when the WGC sign up process was changed in 2018.

The WGC is implementing a new process to Sign Up for golf.  We will be using features in the Golfsoftware application that we have used for Pairings and Scoring this year.  The process will simplify several tasks for the Pairing Committee.  Using the process is easy and quick.

The first date to use the process is August 30, 2018.  The first 'Tournament' available for sign-up is 9/20/2018. Access the new process through the WGC website or on the Golfsoftware app on your smartphone.