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Highlights from Fall WGC Board Meeting

posted Nov 10, 2017, 7:41 AM by Susan Nuttall
By: Biddy Pyle, 2017 WGC President

The WGC board for 2018 had their first meeting (Nov.3rd).

First, it is great news that we have to date 73 members for the 2018 season. Hope your money is in the mail. Don't forget about those hole in ones that you might get this winter!!!!

I would like to share with you the things that were decided for the 2018 season at the board meeting:
a. We will once again have the logo wear and items that we will be selling. Shortly you will receive a email that will be for holiday shopping.

b. As the board studied the results of the Questionnaire we have decided that we will have two weeks a month that Golds will compete only against Golds. Reds only against Reds. In 2017 we played one week a month this way. This will mean we will have Low Gross/Low Net and then one other game.

c. We also decided to subscribe to online software and buy supplies to do our own pairings, scorecards, results, ect. This will enable us to do our own pairings and it will make scoring and record keeping easier for those that volunteer to do these jobs. We will continue to use the handicap system from the poa system. This will mean that Pairings and Results will be found on the WGC website and not the POA website. With this system, Data has to be input in the beginning of the year about the player. The system learns to read this data about this player so once it is input best not to be changing frequently. This means that players will need to declare their tee box preference at the beginning of the year. You will be able to make one change during the year. If a second change needs to occur it will have to be ok by president and vice president.

Food for thought, In the meeting today it was brought to our attention that the Gold tee players struggle with handicaps having a varied range. This is also true in the first flight of Red players handicaps can will range from 6 to 18 many times. We have now played the Gold tees for a number of years and the handicaps should've settled to be true handicaps for most Gold tee players. When we play Low Gross/Low Net the lower handicappers stand a better chance of winning the Gross and the higher handicappers the Net. We have both Gross and Net winners that everyone in the flight has a fair opportunity to win either one of the prizes. I hope this explanation will help those that feel frustrated with our attempt not to regulate who can play from the Golds.

We have several new board members and we will respect tradition but there is nothing wrong with going in new direction.