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10 Habits to Eliminate Slow Play

posted Jul 29, 2018, 5:38 PM by Susan Nuttall

Phillip Wright, PGA, Director of Golf Operations

10 Habits to Eliminate Slow Play

You don’t need to play hurry golf to have a good pace of play. Slow place is a result of failure to be ready to play. A few seconds here and there add up in a hurry. Here are some good habits to help you learn to keep a good pace of play from tee to green! Good habits should not make you feel rushed; they should only make you feel prepared! 

  1. TAKE A CLUB TO THE TEEBOX even when you need to check the distance. Distances devices should increase your pace, not slow you down.

  1. NO HONORS! Get ready and tee off! 

  1. KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU.  Focus on keeping pace with the group in front of you. Do not be concerned with the group behind you. We will worry about the group behind you!

  1. PLAY READY GOLF. There is no penalty for playing out of turn in stroke play. If you are approximately 100 yards from the green on the left side of the fairway and a fellow player is the same distance on the other side of the fairway, make eye contact and determine which one is going to play next. 

  1. KEEP AN EYE ON EACH OTHER’S SHOTS. Help look for lost balls AFTER you have hit your shot. If all four members are looking for the ball at the same time, the group has come to a dead, screeching halt.

  1. THE CART DRIVER should drop off the passenger at her ball and then drive immediately to her ball. Do not wait for her to hit UNLESS you would be in her line of flight or some other danger.

  1. THE PASSENGER should take 3 clubs (the one you think, one more and one less) and let the driver go.

  1. TAKE YOUR PUTTER with you if your next shot is a wedge or short iron to the green, and tell the driver to go without you.

  1. KNOW WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN TO PUTT.  This is what kills tournament golf. Somebody call out the order: “Ray, you're away, Jack you're next, then Gene ...” If you want to check your putt out from both sides, get a look from one side BEFORE it becomes your turn. PUTT CONTINUOUSLY when possible! Don’t mark a 2-footer.

  1. NEVER RECORD SCORES AT THE GREEN. Drive to the next tee box to record your score.