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MGA/WGC Scramble

posted Sep 21, 2018, 5:51 PM by Sue Jacobson   [ updated Sep 21, 2018, 6:11 PM by BV WGC ]

Yet another rousing success!  Many thanks to our friend Carolyn Grieve from Arvest for providing an outstanding lunch!!!  And our hosts from the MGA were AWESOME!!!!!

Final results are available in photos below or check the last photos in the Album.

Get Ready for the 2019 Rules Change

posted Sep 21, 2018, 12:27 PM by Susan Nuttall

As many of you know the Rules of Golf are being modernized effective January 1, 2019.  The Rules of Golf are managed by the United States Golf Association.  There is ample information about the rules and the rules changes available on the USGA website.  If you aren't a member, consider joining. 

Click here to go to the Rules Hub for videos and explanation of the rules

There are 3 resources on this page and all versions are available for download.
  • Players Edition of Rules of Golf
  • Rules of Golf ( officials book for Rules of Golf)
  • Supplemental Information (Replaces Decisions book, interpretations, other information).
Lisa Vines, our Rules Chair will be working with the POA and the USGA to obtain copies of the Rules and sponsor Rules Seminars early in the year.

Club Championship

posted Sep 13, 2018, 4:41 PM by BV WGC   [ updated Sep 14, 2018, 7:14 PM ]

A BIG congratulations to the winners of the 2018 BVWGC Club Championship!!!

Red Tee Low Gross Champion
Penny Williams

Senior Red Tee Low Gross Champion
Stevie Lamar

Gold Tee Low Gross Champion
Jan Simms

Senior Gold Tee Low Gross Champion
Dolores Bowlin
Senior Gross Champion Dolores Bowlin ... THE Legend herself!!!

Low Net Overall Champion
Darla Luzum
Overall Net Champion Darla Luzum showing off her jewelry!!!  Congrats, Darla!!!!!

Senior Low Net Overall Champion
Lynn Stone

Fall Fling!!!

posted Sep 7, 2018, 9:22 AM by BV WGC   [ updated Sep 12, 2018, 4:26 PM ]

It was a beautiful day and the rain held off. Thanks to the WGC Board for providing the array of breakfast finger food, fruit and coffee. Everyone dug in! The tournament was very well attended with 100 participants. Golf was difficult when you weren't in the fairway, otherwise the golf course was in excellent condition. Thanks to Ruth Hatcher for driving around and keeping everyone on track. Lunch after golf, provided by the Country Club, was a hit with everyone. A special thanks to Vicki Styles and her helpers, the CC Restaurant staff and the golf office staff for making this tournament such a success.

Flight A - Red A
1st Place Brenda Carr and Brenda Alexander - 65
2nd Place Tammy Best and Brenda Fredericks - 66
3rd Place Penny Williams and Eva White - 66
4th Place Karen Brashears and Marianne Smyth - 68
Closest to the Pin - Linda Roberts 2' 9"
Flight B - Red B
1st Place - Sandy Gibbs and Anne McClintock - 66
2nd Place Bonny Crow and Mary Riorden - 69
3rd Place Karen Owens and Nancy Shy - 70
4th Place Dori Clement and Stephanie Bryant - 70
Closest to the Pin - Dori Clement 8' 5"
Flight C - Red C
1st Place Peggy Barron and Lana Mangold - 71
2nd Place Amy Parker and Laurie Pike - 74
3rd Place Roxiann Dwyer and Wanda Barloon - 75
4th Place Kathy Zumbro and Alice Panther - 77
Closest to the Pin - Cathy Hughes 23' 1/2"
Flight D - Red D
1st Place Gerry Kowalski and Karen Schneider - 81
2nd Place Linda Smith and Peggy Crabtree - 83
3rd Place Linda Cline and Sher Barns - 84
4th Place Gail Storm and Myrlene Zimmerman - 84
Flight E - Red/Gold
1st Place Jan Simms and Vicki Styles - 68
2nd Place Biddy Pyle and Dolores Bowlin - 72
3rd Place Jan Holmes and Janet Swafford - 72
4th Place Bonny Martineck and Jane Rowland - 74
Closest to the Pin - Dolores Bowlin 9' 3"
Flight F - Gold
1st Place Bedetta Valentine and Sue Tiffany - 70
2nd Place Glenda Burris and Lenora Weber - 73
3rd Place Jean Meadows and Marylyn Fabits - 75
Closest to the Pin - Lois Sprague 23' 2"

Fall Fish Fest at Blu, Thursday October 11, 2018, 20% to WGC

posted Sep 2, 2018, 6:43 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Sep 2, 2018, 6:44 PM ]
Fall is a fantastic time for al fresco dining at one of the restaurant hot spots in Bentonville., Blu Fish House & Raw Bar. Blu, one of the WGC's major sponsors has invited the WGC for an evening of fun and frivolity on Thursday, October 11th from 4-7 pm.  20% of the proceeds during this time will be donated to the WGC general fund.  The event is open to the public, so bring lots of friends.  The restaurant is conveniently located at 607 SE 5th St, just west of J St. and 5th St. Wear your WGC shirts. See you there!  Click HERE for the flyer.


New Process for Golf Sign Up starts 8/30

posted Aug 28, 2018, 3:49 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Sep 2, 2018, 6:32 PM ]

The WGC is implementing a new process to Sign Up for golf.  We will be using features in the Golfsoftware application that we have used for Pairings and Scoring this year.  The process will simplify several tasks for the Pairing Committee.  Using the process is easy and quick.

The first date to use the process is August 30, 2018.  The first 'Tournament' available for sign-up is 9/20/2018. Access the new process through the WGC website or on the Golfsoftware app on your smartphone.  

Below is the process to Sign In and Sign Up.  

 Click Here for a printable copy that also includes information on downloading to your smartphone, cancellation and other settings.

Penny Williams and Peggy Pfeifer are 2018 Bella Vista Women's Champions

posted Aug 17, 2018, 1:57 PM by Susan Nuttall

Phillip Wright, Director of Golf Operations is pictured with Women's Champion Penny Williams (left) and NET Champion Peggy Pfeifer

Congratulations to Penny Williams and Peggy Pfeifer for winning the Bella Vista Women's Championship. The tournament was held at Highlands and Country Club from the August 11-12  Penny won the Championship with a gross score of 15, Peggy was the NET Champion with a net score of 140. 

Marilyn Garris wins Closest to the Pin Mary Schuler Award

posted Aug 12, 2018, 3:29 PM by Susan Nuttall   [ updated Aug 14, 2018, 12:03 PM by BV WGC ]

The Mary Schuler Closest to the pin Award is a once a year event targeted by every player in the Bella Vista Women’s Golf Club. Every player tries their best to get their tee shot on the green closest to the hole. Congratulations to Marilyn for her shot within 5' on the 10th Hole at Kingswood August 9th. Mary Schuler was a long time, beloved member of the WGC. In Mary's memory, her family donates the $100 prize each year. Mary's memory lives on.

From Marilyn Garris:

The hole was #10 on Kingswood with a flag close to the front. Every player in the Bella Vista Women’s Golf club,.no matter their skill level, played their tee shot from the red tee on this hole. The one person closest to the cup is the winner.Thursday, August 9, 2018 I achieved the unbelievable honor of winning the 2018 Mary Schuler Closest to the Pin Award.

What made this such an unbelievable experience for me is I haven’t even been able to hit a shot on hole 10 green in at least the past 2-3 years. Why? Well, I had right shoulder rotator cuff surgery in 2015 and then in September 2016 I had a stroke affecting the left side of my body.However, I will not give up. I am out there just like Mary Schuler doing my best, loving the game

The Mary Schuler Award was always something on my bucket list but I knew probably was out of my reach. Thursday, August 9, 2018 my bucket list became smaller. Thank you so much for sponsoring this event and giving me a wonderful experience with much happiness. I am honored and truly thankful to you for providing this award.

2018 is my twentieth year as a member in the Bella Vista Women’s Golf Club. In the past I had the privilege and honor of playing with Mary Schuler when we had mixed flights. Everyone loved playing with Mary. She was such a team player, knew and followed golf rules and made duffers like me very comfortable. I will always remember Mary’s pleasant smile and friendliness.

Claudia Kimmel shoots a Hole-in-one on Kingswood #7

posted Aug 9, 2018, 5:20 PM by Susan Nuttall

Claudia Kimmel is the second golfer of the year to join WGC's exclusive Hole-In-One club. 
She joins Mary Riorden in the pool.  Claudia used her 31-degree hybrid to make the shot on #7 at Kingswood.  Ardell Stoops, Stevie Lamar, and Nancy Shy were witness to the event.  This was Claudia's second Hole-In-One, and first here in Bella Vista.  Congratulations!

10 Habits to Eliminate Slow Play

posted Jul 29, 2018, 5:38 PM by Susan Nuttall

Phillip Wright, PGA, Director of Golf Operations

10 Habits to Eliminate Slow Play

You don’t need to play hurry golf to have a good pace of play. Slow place is a result of failure to be ready to play. A few seconds here and there add up in a hurry. Here are some good habits to help you learn to keep a good pace of play from tee to green! Good habits should not make you feel rushed; they should only make you feel prepared! 

  1. TAKE A CLUB TO THE TEEBOX even when you need to check the distance. Distances devices should increase your pace, not slow you down.

  1. NO HONORS! Get ready and tee off! 

  1. KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU.  Focus on keeping pace with the group in front of you. Do not be concerned with the group behind you. We will worry about the group behind you!

  1. PLAY READY GOLF. There is no penalty for playing out of turn in stroke play. If you are approximately 100 yards from the green on the left side of the fairway and a fellow player is the same distance on the other side of the fairway, make eye contact and determine which one is going to play next. 

  1. KEEP AN EYE ON EACH OTHER’S SHOTS. Help look for lost balls AFTER you have hit your shot. If all four members are looking for the ball at the same time, the group has come to a dead, screeching halt.

  1. THE CART DRIVER should drop off the passenger at her ball and then drive immediately to her ball. Do not wait for her to hit UNLESS you would be in her line of flight or some other danger.

  1. THE PASSENGER should take 3 clubs (the one you think, one more and one less) and let the driver go.

  1. TAKE YOUR PUTTER with you if your next shot is a wedge or short iron to the green, and tell the driver to go without you.

  1. KNOW WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN TO PUTT.  This is what kills tournament golf. Somebody call out the order: “Ray, you're away, Jack you're next, then Gene ...” If you want to check your putt out from both sides, get a look from one side BEFORE it becomes your turn. PUTT CONTINUOUSLY when possible! Don’t mark a 2-footer.

  1. NEVER RECORD SCORES AT THE GREEN. Drive to the next tee box to record your score.

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