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March Joint Advisory Committee Meeting

posted Mar 11, 2017, 6:25 AM by Sue Jacobson   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:38 PM ]
When we send messages to the entire membership via email, inevitably some of the emails are rejected. Such was the case with the following email in which Vice President Biddy Pyle shared information about the March Golf Joint Advisory Committee meeting.

Hi girls,

This year I will be attending this meeting once a month.  This meeting is a Joint meeting of the Golf Staff and the Golf Board.  I want to share with you a little insight so that when you are playing that you can understand what is happening on the courses.

Keith Ihms (Maintenance supervisor)
Dogwood - The Head Maintenance man has moved on to a different job.  They are looking for someone to take his place.  We will miss him since Dogwood course has been really looking good the last few years. It was also hit hard by the storm we had week of March 5th. Lots of dead trees came down.  

On some of the courses you will see that the greens are getting drill holes and filled with sand.

They are looking to change out the GAS carts to ELECTRIC carts.  Yes!!

There is going to be a practice range at Scotsdale.  Look to your right when you are playing # 9.

Sr. Women's Tournament ( April 24th and 25) flyer is ready for you to print and sign up to play.

Once a Month there will be a Sr. Men's and Women's Tournament played at Dogwood.  It is an individual stableford game. Go to the bvgolf site and check out the flyer. IT WOULD BE GREAT FOR US TO SUPPORT THE GOLF ORGANIZATION'S EFFORTS IN TRYING TO PROMOTE THEIR TOURNAMENTS BY PLAYING THEM.

Golf course ratings: Still in the works.  Arkansas does not have a team from the USGA that can rate our courses. So the USGA is working to train a team for Arkansas.  Phillip Wright has been working very hard to make this happen.  He hopes that it will happen this summer. And that it would be done on all tee boxes.  The 4 inch square that is colored to match the tee box on each tee is the distance to the hole via the fairway. It is not as the crow flies. This needed to be done so that we can get our courses rated.

Next tour for Lakepoint is March 21st 4pm.  At least in the first week, you will need a reservation for dining. Better to serve few well than many unhappily. Opening in Mid April.

Country Club and Highlands hope to be finished in August.

Leveling Tee Boxes is on Agenda for 2018. If you have a tee box that bothers you let Tom Stephens know.

Biddy Pyle