Strategy (control plans)

The objectives of the WfW programme will not be achieved by simply cutting down trees in randomly selected places, but given the magnitude of the problem, requires the appropriate targeting of areas and species. There has been frank admittance from national office and regional personnel that projects have too often been selected for a variety of reasons, including political expediency and logistical convenience.  Such criteria do not contribute to the mission of the WfW programme (i.e. the control & prevention of IAPs).  This has been identified as a critical shortcoming of the programme, as it is thereby unable to demonstrate that it has used its funds to the most strategic effect. There is therefore no national basis for assessing the validity of selecting one project location over another. This raises questions about the validity/defensibility of the choices made on where resources are invested, both between regions and within regions in relation to the actual area targeted for clearing.” – WfW External Evaluation (2003)