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Welcome to "Are Leaders Born or Made?"

Do you recognize these famous twins as leaders?  Where did they get their leadership traits from?

This is an interactive site that will allow the average reader to understand the complex research that is currently being done in the field of genetics and how nature vs. nurture relates to leadership characteristics.  In 1998, several scientists came together to do a study on twins to determine the heritability of leadership attributes.  Their paper, "Nature vs Nurture: Are Leaders Born or Made? A Behavior Genetic Investigation of Leadership Style," was published in the journal Twin Research.  The researchers tested a random selection of adult twins using three different personality profiles.  These questionnaires included The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ), The Leadership Ability Evaluation (LAE), and The Adjective Checklist (ACL).

The creators of this site are students in Dr. Susan Fahrbach's First Year Seminar at Wake Forest University.  Dr. Farhbach's First Year Seminar is an introductory look at Bioinformatics and how it relates to and aids the debate over nature vs. nurture.  The purpose of this site is to be a learning tool for other students in high school and in college.  This site will allow students to learn about a complex subject in biology without having a huge amount of background knowledge.